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Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a great Halloween. I went to a HUGE Halloween fair. I'm not really into candy, but I loved taking pictures! I should have taken more, but most of them turned out bad, and I gave up trying to take pictures after the first 3 hours or so. (it was from 5-9) 

But first a picture of my Barriss Costume: I debated about this for a while, and then I just went with broadcasting my paranoia to the whole world.

Censor bar! :D If you magnify, it says "hi." From this picture you can deduce-
I am roughly the size and shape of a human female.
I have a white wall.

But seriously, I loved my costume. Though at the fair people kept stepping on it! I drew Barriss's tattoos with Sharpie and eyeliner. I'm curiously obsessed with the ones on my hands. I haven't washed them off yet!

These are pics from the fair. I saw at least 5 Darth Vaders, two Jango Fetts(the cheap cloth kind) and 10 clone troopers(the cheap cloth kind with the plastic helmet.) And my brothers claim to have seen one TCW Anakin Skywalker with the cloth face. Scaryyyy.... 

Otherwise I just took pictures of people I knew and things that interested me:
 This is one seriously dedicated Commander Fox fan. If the helmet doesn't fit, wear it as a hat!

 I don't know if she's in Padme's picnic gown or something else.

This guy had a real plastic Gree costume. And blaster! Nice departure from the cheap-cloth variety. I didn't get to talk to him though.

Look at this!
(collective Awwwwww...)
Poor kids, though.

This Jedi looked really creeped out when I took his picture. And all the times I saw him after that. I guess he thought I was stalking him or something.

 A blond Leia. Her costume was beige rather than white, but good try.

Most of the pictures I took didn't turn out very well, but whatever! How was your Halloween? :D


  1. It's kind of hard to see the costume, but from the looks of it, you did an awesome job! Congrats!

    Now if only I could make a Quinlan Vos or Kyle Katarn costume with the same amount of quality...

    Oh, and those pics are fine. Funny too. I especially like the one with the guy who's wearing the kid's clone helmet on his head. Classic! :P

  2. That Commander Fox guy is awesome! :D
    At my church's harvest festival, we had ONE Star Wars person....a little kid who was dressed up as Rex. I freaked out when I saw him. "Finally! A Star Wars character!"
    His dad said, "Yeah....we're all Star Wars fans at our house."
    "Me too!"
    He looked a little surprised at my sudden outburst of fanness. (That is now a word)

    Of course, as we're driving home, I see two brothers out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood; one's Vader and the other's a Jedi. :3


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