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I want to award shout-outs because....umm....well, I just like blog sharing, okay?(even though my opinion counts for nada in the online world)

 Best SW blogger/wordpress: Club Jade It would be just like another SW news site, except for the stylish, hilarious, thoughtful posts and design.

 Best SW Tumblr: Rebecca Crane @Rogue Leader

She hasn't been posting as often as she used to, but she has been back home in Seattle for these past couple weeks and is busy. She recently gained fame for her "United States of Star Wars" post.

Best random blog: Just Add Kaleena. It's really hard to blog if you don't have a particular topic, but she's nailed it. (I know you don't like misuses of the word "random", Kaleena, but I thought it applied to your blog. xD )

Best NaNo blog: "Now he's spinning. Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."  Speaks for itself.

Best "dead" blog:    
She gives a lot of advice about writing and publishing. She's an agent.

First, our Random SW Post
Things SW Characters would never say:
 Luke: "Hmm, maybe I should just let the rebels be destroyed. It's time I pursued my career as a singer!"
  Leia: I can't stay for this late meeting; my family is expecting me for dinner.

Fey'lya: Power, why in space would I want that?

Tenel Ka: Fiction.

Mara: I hate guns. I'm a pacifist. 

Vergere: Have I lied to you? Of course not.

Darth Traya: No one should betray anyone. We should all be friends 

Kwenn's Unwookieepedia(REAL definitions of SW characters.)

Eeth Koth

"Eeth Koth!"
"What? No, I was just clearing my throat.
" ―Mace Windu and Eeth Koth
Eeth Koth was a Jedi High Council member in the Galactic Republic. He…er, well, one time, he…um…one of his missions involved…sheesh, has this guy actually done anything? And here I was thinking Zabrak were cool… 


"I will love him and squeeze him and pet him and hug him and call him George."

"I am so glad the people of this planet like to wave and shake hands." "Why is that?" "Well, what if their usual greeting for visiting dignitaries was to throw paint?" "Point taken."
―Wes and Wedge[src]
"Mandalorians boast that a shot from one of these pistols can take a starship out of commission. It's an obvious exaggeration, but for safety's sake, most listeners just smile and nod." ―Description of the Mandalorian Heavy Pistol in Knights of the Old Republic[src]
"My brains, your random destructive power! We'll own the galaxy -- or we'll wreck it and sell it for salvage!"
Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph, talking Zayne Carrick into joining him[src]
♫And then we'll do it again!♫

Love ya,


  1. Ha! I love it! The caption under that photo is hilarious. I also love the Tenel Ka quote saying Fiction instead of this is a fact. LOL

  2. LOL!! Call him George, that's a good one. Great post Amaranthine. Mara saying "I hate guns. I'm a pacifist" was really funny! :-D



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