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 Homeschooling quips! xD

You Must Be Homeschooled If...
You have attempted to teach yourself physics.
Your favorite activity is reading. 
The only bully you ever run into is your big brother.
You don’t have to be entertained because you know how to use your imagination.
All you want for Christmas is a Barnes & Noble gift certificate. 
You'd rather buy books than clothes. 

Amen for the second to last one! That's all I want! I can get the DNT!

Short post. I'm not in a post mood now. When I'm not in a post mood, my posts are ranty, whiny, sarcastic, and clipped.

Lets see the stereotypes I'm under:
~Nerd/geek/fangirl(Ugh, I hate that word. I used it once, though.)

~Homeschooler(Come on guys! Homeschooling has gone a long way since the prairie days and is quite sophisticated now.)
~Teenager(We aren't all like that rude boy who pushed roughly past you in the parking lot! Or that bratty girl who spends 4 hours on makeup and hair and texts all the time! Most of us are nice!) (Except for that girl, the one who's constantly hungry today, torn between blogging and working on her NaNo novel, and sick from gulping down a whole cheese stick at once. Yeah, she's pretty nasty in moods like this.)
 ~Stupid, rich, text-happy Southern Californian teenager(A derivative of the above.)

1.) I don't spend ALL my time thinking about Star Wars, contrary to popular belief. I can intelligently discourse on other subjects. I STILL will not spend $15+  on any Star Wars shirt, toy or book.
2.) I have a life other than the one here(again, contrary to popular belief) I don't read Shakespeare for fun. I am interested in boys(Tiny bit! Just a tiny bit! I try to hide it. And no one ever knows.) I listen to pop music(Not really. It makes my ears hurt. But I do know who The Black Eyed Peas are.)
3 and 4.) I don't text, date, go to the mall(often, except I will go to the mall bookstore to get DNT! SO excited!) I am aware of suffering going on in the rest of the world. I've been on more than one international mission trip. I can hold a reasonable conversation with adults. I can. I can.

5.) I'm a Christian. I refuse to drink, smoke, or even date. That doesn't mean I'm completely opposed to fun. I just have fun in a way that honors God. (I had a bit of alcohol once accidentally in a Vietnamese restaurant where I couldn't understand what I was ordering. Come on! That's your idea of FUN????? It was disgusting!)
6.) I enjoy this stereotype. I'm not a feminist. I enjoy being a lady. So I won't complain about this.


  1. Hmm, i liked this post. :)
    I wanna do a post like it, but I don't wanna copy your idea D:
    Oh well, my next post is gonna be on my flaws/confidence.

  2. PS: You failed to put Scottish in your new poll. ;-; I was gonna do scottish cause I'm very scottish. In my roots at least. xD

  3. Augh. I forgot Scotland was in the UK. no offense, anybody!

  4. Great post!!!! Stereotyping is all too common nowadays. Hehe love the homeschool stereotypes!

    -Leia <3

  5. Nice post!!! I enjoyed reading it!!!

    -Barriss :-D

  6. #5: You make me smile.... just so you know. That makes me smile.


  7. I love cracking everyone's "expectations" of homeschoolers. So. Much. Fun.

  8. Amen! I love proving people wrong about me being 'stupid' and 'unsocialized' because I'm homeschooled. I agree Endor. So. Much. Fun!


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