Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stolen from Mariella

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The Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors (poets, songwriters and screenwriters included) who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

1.) Karen Traviss
2.) Esther Forbes
3.) Elizabeth George Speare
4.)Aaron Allston
5.) J.R.R Tolkein
6.) Shel Silverstein
7.)Mark Twain
8.) Marissa Moss
9.) Norton Juster
10.) Lewis Carroll 
11.) O. Henry
12.) The Brothers Grimm(do they count?)
13.) Adeline Yen Mah
14.) Harper Lee
15.) Laura Ingalls Wilder

Please post yours! I want to see what you put!



  1. JRR Tolkien
    C S Lewis
    Jude Watson
    George Lucas
    Gary Ross
    Elizabeth George Speare
    Esther Forbes
    Gerald Morris
    Brian Jacques
    Rosemary Sutcliff
    L B Graham
    Wayne Thomas Batson
    C S Forester
    Patrick O'Brian
    Jean Craighead George

    Did it in 3 minutes whoopee!!

    Hey am I supposed to post this on my blog or something now??

  2. 1.) Shannon Hale
    2.) Gale Carlson Levine
    3.) Brandon Sanderson
    4.) Howard Tayler
    5.) Dan Wells
    6.) J.K. Rowling
    7.) Meg Cabot
    8.) Pearl North
    9.) C. S. Lewis
    10.) Tolkien
    11.) John Green
    12.) Maureen Johnson
    13.) L.M Montgomery
    14.) Laura Ingalls Wilder
    15.) Suzanne Collins

    I could go on. :)

  3. 1. Timothy Zahn
    2 Mark Twain
    3 Laura Ingalls
    4 C.S. Lewis
    5 Brian Jaques
    6 (The many Nancy Drew authors under a pen name)
    7 Bethoven
    8 Karen Travis
    9 George Muler (Does he count? I think he wrote books. I'm not sure.)
    10 John Williams (song writer!)
    11 Shakespeare
    12 Henry Wardsworth Longfellow
    13 Robert Frost
    14 Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    15 Emily Dickinson

    I don't think I spelt some of those corectly. hehe

  4. WHAT is DNT?

    I'm gonna feel really lame once you tell me.

  5. OMG speaking of the EU, Heir to the Empire came in at the ilbrary, and I went after church to pick it up, but the library is closed on sundays. ;-;

  6. 1) Cormac Mcarthy
    2)Lady Gaga
    3) Henry James
    4) Sue Monk Kidd
    5) JK Rowling
    6) Charotte Bronte
    7) Enid Blyton
    8) Roald Dahl
    9) R J Anderson
    10) John Lennon
    11) Neil Gaiman
    12) Shakespeare
    13) Stephanie Meyer
    14) Miranda Hart
    15) JRR Tolkien



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