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And now....

 My post about Star Wars Books=

 Disclaimer: I wrote this post a while ago, but I just realized you don't know barely anything about Jacen. 
Hmm. That's trouble.
Oh well, you'll just be easier to convince, then. Jacen Solo=epic fail. Read on.

PS. Darth Caedus: Jacen Solo. Yeah, he(highlight for spoiler.) turns to the dark side. Stupid, huh?

Scientific Exhibit to Prove Jacen Solo was Doomed to Fail.

We all know Jacen Solo as a.) a super-awesome tragic philosopher-"sith lord" who sacrificed his life for his lover or b.) a stupid jerk who failed miserably.
You can guess which side I'm on.
But look. I have proof. All these quotes are REAL.

Exhibit A: His confidence varies drastically

At 5 years old:
Jaina: "What are you doing? Did something bite you?"
Jacen: "Bite me?"
Jaina: "Someday something will."
Jacen: "Nothing ever bites me!"
Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo[src]
At 7 years old:

"Why do I have to be strong?"
 ―Jacen Solo, to Han Solo[src]
At 15 years old:
Solo: "It feels like the right step to take. Seems to me I've got plenty left to learn."
―Jacen Solo and Zekk[src]
At 18 years old: 

Solo: "I don't…I don't understand anything. Nothing makes sense anymore."
At 19 years old: 

"When you start to become who you are, the first thing you learn is that there is nothing to fear."
―Jacen Solo, to Ganner Rhysode[src] 

At 20 years old:
  "I don't have any enemies." ― Jacen Solo[src]
Exhibit B: This speaks for itself
Sample #1

"Hang on to your hate. It will help you endure. I couldn't hate, and it nearly destroyed me."―Darth Caedus to Ben Skywalker[src]
         "I want you to know—all the anger and the hate, I didn't bring it with me. Tell Jaina that I forgive her."―Darth Caedus's spirit, to Ben Skywalker
Oh really, Jacen? Really?
Exhibit C: He spent hours philosophically thinking until he thought himself into knots.

Jacen: "You keep thinking of it as a tool, a weapon in your war against everything you see as bad. But that is such a limiting philosophy."
Anakin: "It is a weapon. A powerful weapon and a great responsibility."
Jacen: "Those are the minor truths of the Force. The ones that so many like you focus on to satisfy your personal hunger for glory. The Force is a method of serenity and truth, not an outward-projecting tool to be used to further any single person's perception of good."
―Jacen Solo and Anakin Solo[src]

Jacen: "That's just it. I don't know. then shut up, Jacen.I thought that going off on my own would be the key to getting closer to the Force; but then I saw the slaves and had to act. The Force sends me a vision and I act on it, only to have things go wrong. But, from that wrong came the right of saving you and Mara on Dantooine, and being there to BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH help hold off the reptoids. It's as if I'm walking around in a circle, circling around the goal I want. Sometimes it seems as if I need to be alone, and others I'm thrust into the heroic mold that has shaped and consumed Uncle Luke. I know there are other approaches, but I don't know if they are right for me."
"Is it me? Am I deluding myself, Jaina? glad you can finally realize it.Am I making the same mistake as grandfather? I have days—most days—when I'm as certain of this as I've ever been certain of anything. And then I have sleepless nights when I wonder if the path of the Sith is a lasting solution to peace in the galaxy, or if that's my ego speaking for me. It terrifies me. But if I were motivated by ambition, then I wouldn't suffer this doubt would I? Jaina, I can't tell you all this, not yet. You wouldn't see it. But when you do, remember that you're my sister, my heart, and part of me will always love you, no matter what. Good night, Jaina."
―Jacen Solo, in a deleted journal entry[src]

: "Huh?"
MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY. I only added three speeches, because if I added more this would be too long. This about sums it up, though:

Jaina: "But you're still looking for more. You aren't sure if what you've learned about being a Jedi is what you were supposed to have learned about being a Jedi. You want to find a way to become the ultimate Jedi."
Jacen: "Oh, and you don't question what we've been taught? You don't want to push yourself beyond?"
Jaina: "Beyond what, Jacen?"
Jacen: "Um, ah, I guess I don't know."
―Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo[src]
 Oh, Jacen. Oh, Jacen. (pats head and offers cookie)

Exhibit D: He said he didn't want violence, then started the second largest war in a century.

Part one:
"We're here in search of peace, not war."

                    ―Jacen Solo, to Sekot[src]

"Military might is not what we need. I cannot countenance destruction as a solution to the threat of destruction. In the long run, such a victory would only bring about our own downfall."

―Jacen Solo, to Danni Quee[src]
Exhibit E: He had identity problems.
My name is still Jacen Solo."
―Jacen Solo, to Ganner Rhysode[src]
"Caedus. My name is Darth Caedus."
―Darth Caedus[src]
Nuff said.
Exhibit F: He found that when he imitated his teachers, it didn't quite have the same effect.
"Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask is a trick. You will find no truth in me."
―Vergere, to Jacen Solo[src]
=cool sithness
            Solo: "Everything I tell you is a lie."
: "What?"

I think this is clear and concise. It is clear that Jacen Solo was an undeserving jerk. The only reason he SURVIVED was because of his well meaning, but clueless family.

Exhibit G:
"I know Jacen. Whatever he's doing, it's because he thinks it's right for the galaxy. Once he realizes he's mistaken, he'll be easy to bring back."
―Luke Skywalker, to Mara Jade Skywalker[src]
Even AFTER he dies:

"Jacen would never have hurt you, Allana. He loved you so very much. He would have changed the galaxy for you if he could."
―Leia Organa Solo, to Allana Solo[src]
Yeah, but he can't, cuz he's a FAIL IDIOT.
Diclaimer:: All quotes used in this lecture are REAL quotes, said by the jerk himself.

"Jinkies, I'm bored. I think I'll utterly destroy my entire family on a whim, because that's the kind of rad and koovy guy I am. Now I think I'll tend to some furry little creature whilst simultaneously ensuring the downfall of the Galactic Alliance and the annhiliation of the Jedi order. Neato!" ―Jacen Solo

Except for that one. But you never know.

*bows* Thank you, thank you. My work here is done.
What. Would YOU want him leading YOUR galaxy? No thank you.

Clear skies,

PS. WHY must you start with Young Jedi Knights, you ask? Two reasons: Zekk+Jacen. Zekk is one of my favorite male characters, but he's only developed in Young Jedi Knights!!!! He takes a REALLY background role in the rest of the saga. Jacen: Jacen's only awesome and fun in Young Jedi Knights. As evidenced above, for the rest of the saga, he's a.) a philosopher jerk or b.) a Sith jerk. The Young Jedi Knights series really makes you fall in love with the characters BEFORE they get their faults. This is a kids series but adults/teens read it too!!! read it.


  1. I have mixed feelings about Jacen. Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him. I LOVE his daughter though. She's one of my favorite characters!! I adore Anakin Solo and Allana both.
    I agree! The Young Jedi Knight books are GREAT!!!!! I own about six. The series is very good. You really get to learn a lot about the characters.

  2. Goodness, I need to start reading!!! I've read up on Jaina, Jacen, Anakin (Solo) and Allana on Wookieepedia but I don't think that that is the same as reading the books. So I need to remember Young Jedi Knights. Got it. BTW, I like your personal inputs in there. Very amusing and funny actually, I liked it, very well written!

  3. Jacen is an interesting character. And I haven't read the Young Jedi Knight series. I'm actually on the Fate of the Jedi series, which you recommended against reading first. I get what you mean it can get confusing. Great post!!


  4. I found this article/post while doing a google search for "Jacen Solo jerk?" I think that basically sums up my position. I loved it when at one point he says he now despised his brother Anakin when we all know Anakin could have whipped Jacen without effort. Yeah... there are two characters I wish had had premature deaths. Nataasi Daala, and Jacen Solo.


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