Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chill day

Hey guys-
Since I've had so many uberposts, I thought today we'd just chill with quotes. After all, there's no school today.
Random quotes collected from all over the EU:
"Oh, well. Just another boring day saving the universe."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Tahiri: "That's funny." 
Corran: "Funny ha ha or funny we're about to die?"
Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn, sizing up the situation on Yuuzhan'tar[src] 
Fi: "You can live without an arm, they can always bolt on a new one." 
Boss: "What about my head? 
Fi: "Like I said, they can always replace nonessential parts." 
Boss: "I love this guy. He'll make such great target practice."
RC-8015 ("Fi") and RC-1138 ("Boss") banter[src

There's a new target born every minute.

Tahiri: "Remember, you're supposed to be training me. What does the wise Jedi do in a situation like this?"
Corran: "The wise Jedi avoids situations like this."
Tahiri: "Oh. I don't guess I know any wise Jedi, then. Very disillusioning."
Corran: "Right. And that's your lesson for the day—don't hang on to your illusions."
Tahiri: "I was hoping more for a crash course in 'how to kick butt when you're outnumbered thirty to two.' "
Corran: "Well, if you're going to be picky about what I teach…"
Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn, being attacked by Yuuzhan Vong[src what?

"You know impossible is what Rogue Squadron does best of all."
Corran Horn, to Admiral Ackbar[src]

  • I-5YQ: "See that landspeeder parked behind you?"
  • Den Dhur: "Yes."
  • I-5YQ: "Call it the past."
  • Den Dhur: "Why?"
  • I-5YQ: "Because it's behind you. See that trash bin ahead of you? That's the future."
  • Den Dhur: "For you, maybe. I try to be more optimistic."
  • future in the existential sense, of course

  • 2JTJ: "Master Tahl! Please slow down! I must assist!"
  • Tahl: "Get lost! I'm in a hurry!"
  • 2JTJ: "I cannot get lost, sir. I'm a navigation droid."
  • i love this one

    "Time for blaster safety lesson #1... Pointing a blaster at me isn't safe."
    Plourr Ilo[src]
    Jacen: "Don't you get it? You're exactly what I want to be when I grow up." Anakin: what, dead? Jacen: "You know what I mean." —Jacen Solo and Anakin Solo's Force ghost[src]
    yes we certainly do! too bad.........

    Jaina: "Jag, do you even know how to use a lightsaber?"
    Jag: "I know Lesson One. Don't grab the glowy end."
    Jaina Solo, to Jagged Fel, on Kashyyyk during the Second Galactic Civil War[src]
    "glowy end"??????
    Kyle: "I'm no Jedi. I'm just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions."
    Red-Eye: "Of course. Many peoples have them."
    Kyle: "Lightsabers?"
    Red-Eye: "Questions."
    Kyle Katarn and Red-Eye Baldarek[src]

    "It's always nice to meet new people and make new enemies."
    Mara Jade[src]
    Like you have any trouble with that.

    Zayne: "Wait a minute. You stole that ship?"
    Gryph: "Me? Steal a ship? What kind of person do you think I am? I hired someone to steal a ship."
    Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph, on Ralltiir[src]

    very noble of you..........

    "Pretty. What do we blow up first?"
    Myn Donos, to Wedge Antilles[src]
    very pretty indeed.

    Door: "State your business."
    Qui-Gon: "I would like to speak with Captain Neg."
    Door: "Captain Neg does not wish to see you."
    Qui-Gon: "I have little tolerance for model Dx5 security doors."
    Door: "You are incorrect." [laser batteries emerge] "I am a model Dz5 with improved defenses!"
    Qui-Gon Jinn, angering a security door[src]
    gotta improve your knowledge of technology there.....
    Janson: "Red Two, this is Red Three. Am I crazy, or is the general doing what he tells us never to do?"
    Tycho: "Three, Two. Yes you are, and yes he is. Pay no attention."
    Wes Janson and Tycho Celchu, about Wedge Antilles[src]
    just a regular day in Rogue squadron

    "Your orders are simple. I punch. You suffer. Got it?"
    Wes Janson, to Thanaer ke Sekae[src]

    "Jedi Horn! Is it true you're on a destructive rampage?"
    Galaxy 9 News reporter, to Valin Horn[src]
    "Jedi Horn! Is it true you're taking your lightsaber and cutting me in half?"
    "Hi, guys! Come to disarm me, have ya? Hey, that's terrific!" ―Audio component of an Ugnaught-planted bomb on Cloud City[src]
    Nom Anor: "We are dead, don't you understand? Tsavong Lah will slaughter us."
    Vergere: "Ever the optimist. You assume we'll live out the hour."
    Nom Anor and Vergere, as Jacen Solo destroys their seedship[src]
    lifetimes are very short in the Yuuzhan Vong War

    "A master of defense is one who is never in the place that is attacked."
    you said it, vergere!

    "Surrender. It will hurt less."
    Dhidal Nyz[src]
    it certainly would....

    "Orders not backed by force are only suggestions, Jacen Solo."
    Vergere, to Jacen Solo[src]

    "Poor little Solo. Do you ever get embarrassed at being so thoroughly and consistently mistaken?"
    Vergere, to Jacen Solo[src]
    i couldn't have said it better myself.

    "Shouldn't a Jedi, who respects the Force created by all living beings, be a vegetarian?"
    ―A rather determined anonymous reporter bugs Jaina Solo, even after the others disperse
    EXACTLY!!!!!! wait........vegetables live too.

    "It's a good thing your father isn't a Jedi. Han Solo with Force powers would be a very frightening thing."
    Jagged Fel to Jaina Solo[src]

    somebody get this picture out of my head FAST!

    Oviedo: "This is madness!"
    Theta Squadron captain: "No—this is war!"

    same thing.

    "Jacen, I love you. But sit down, shut up, and do as you're told."

    Han's failed attempt at stopping the Second Galactic Civil War./

    would that someone said that to him more often........

    Jacen: "MCCC, this is Farmboy One. This is an emergency. We require an immediate response!"
    Danni: "What's the emergency?"
    Jacen: "We're out of blue milk."
    Jacen Solo, lying to Danni Quee about communications failure[src]

    OH NO!!!!!! *gasp*

    "I must say that the two of you belong to the most interesting family."
    Admiral Traest Kre'fey to Jaina and Jacen Solo[src]
    that's an understatement.

    Corran: "No. We explain nothing to Daala. That would imply the Order answers to her—and the day that happens, you're going to have a lot more than apprentices resigning."
    Saba: "Massster Horn is correct. The Jedi Order is no thedyklae herd. We are shartuukz."
    Kyp: "Uh, sure. What's a shartuuk?"
    Saba: "A guard beast. It protects the lair from zo'oxi and tarnoggz." Kyp: "Oh, that explains it. And zo'oxi and tarnoggs are what, exactly?" Saba: "Alwayz hungry. Like any tyrant." Kyp: "Ah—of course. We can't explain to Daala. We're the shartuuks, and she's the zo'oxi." Saba: "Tarnogg. Zo'oxi are skin parasitez. The shartuukz eat them off." Kyp: "I don't know. Zo'oxi sounds like a pretty good description of most of the politicians I've—"
    Jedi Masters Corran Horn, Saba Sebatyne, and Kyp Durron, relating the Jedi Order's political position with the Galactic Alliance to thedyklae, shartuuks, tarnoggs, and zo'oxi[src]
     I wonder if  Omas has such a entertaining time with the senate.
     Scorch: "How old is Skirata?"
    Sev: "Sixty, sixty-one, something like that."
    Scorch: "What's that in clone years?"
    Sev: "Dead."
    Scorch and Sev, on the age of Kal Skirata[src]

    "Sir, you're interrupting my killing spree."
    RC-1207 ("Sev"), as Boss moves into his line of fire[src]

    Boss: pardon me  (turns and runs) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!               


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