Friday, November 5, 2010

Incorporating Emotion

If you've ever read my writing, mostly short stories-then you know it's stark. Not dreary, but to the point. Deliberate. Serious. I use humor(I hope you can recognize my humor), but it's deliberate. Like when my post about popularity changed to shoes and Star Wars. Some people writing humor and parodies come easily. They can easily make funny and likable characters. 
Not me. Mine are dry, clipped and whiningly-sarcastic who would probably shoot me with a cannon the moment they met me. Or shoot me out of a cannon.....
Or at least the first time I write them. Then I have to go back and give them actual personalities.  Gah.
My writing model is LOTF. Dry, clipped, sad,  at the same time hilarious, and romance-less.  Lets see if I can pull it off. 20k and the war hasn't even started yet.


PS. There have been 3 "Awesome People" added to my sidebar. in ONE DAY!!!!! That's like Christmas, my birthday, Halloween, Easter, Presidents Day, and um, Cinco de Mayo all rolled into one! Unfortunately, I write about writing, Star Wars, and travelings, and I rarely find people who like all three. And I have to please you, or else, you know, you'll unfollow me. And that's very unfun.
I should probably start three different blogs that actually stay on subject matter. But nah. That's not cool.
You will read what I write. About anything. And you will like it.

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  1. I agree with the writing personality. I'm kind of the same way. My writing is short, to the point, has a dry sort of humor to it, and romance-less. I'd like to add romance into it, but I'm just so bad at writing it. xD And I'm also bad at descriptions and long conversations, which are things that I always have to bookmark and come back to later.

    PS: I think I am one of these awesome people. ^-^


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