Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

With this and my novel going, my creative faculties need a serious break. So I'm taking a break from AF starting today and ending Saturday. I'll still read yours, but I'm taking a posting break after this.
 But I'll post my Thanksgiving post today. 

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for these things.
~God/Jesus. This year has been a super great, awesome year.
~My family and friends

~George Lucas
~The inventor of the internet
~The inventor of Google.

So in honor of the holidays(and to give you something to do on my blog), I'm sending you on a scavenger hunt. I've been posting for several months now, and in the early days of my blog, I posted wonderful(I say, WONDERFUL) posts which nobody read. One thing I enjoy is sifting through other people's blogs to see what I can find out about the person who is writing this stuff. It's actually quite fun. So I want to see if you can find out about me by Saturday:

1.) My real first name. This is the hardest one. You can guess it if you look through my early posts, I signed one of the posts with it, I deleted my name, but the clues are still there!

2.) My ethnicity 

3.) The only pet I have ever owned.

4.) The names of my hip hop and jazz teachers.

5.) Three things which really make me upset.

6.) And read some of my early inspirational posts, okay? I worked hard on those, and no one read them. :(

7.) Three places I have gone to. (Specific places, not the continents on my profile.)

8.) What state and hopefully, county I live in.

Have fun going through my archives! I have Star Wars behind-the scenes pictures too!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Hints-don't look at just the posts.
Hint #2-My dance studio's website works now.


  1. Ooh a challenge!! Neat!! And great Thanksgiving post!!

    -Barriss :-D

  2. Great idea! A hunt! Yay! I found some stuff, but some I didn't really have time to look for.

    1. I didn't have time. Sorry!

    2. Once again, didn't have time.

    3. Goldfish!!!!!!!

    4. Didn't find it.

    5. Didn't find it.

    6. I did! I commented on it as well! It was very good! =D

    7. I found one place. Ensenada, Mexico

    8. California, USA

    -Leia <3

  3. 1. I've no idea! You've gotta throw us a bone with that one! :P

    2. Asian

    3. Goldfish.

    4. ?

    5. Gum stuck under tables, falling backwards in chairs, people leaving their jobs, etc...

    6. Read 'em. Nice stuff.

    7. Ensenada, (couldn't find any more).

    8. California.


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