Monday, November 15, 2010


(mumbles in sleep)
(turns over)
(opens eyes and is blinded.) AAAAAARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
You see, the sun shines right through my window. And that's not bad, because I sleep right under my window. 
I would be okay if I hadn't replaced my closet doors with full-length mirrors last summer....
I drew a diagram to show you how it works.
(slowly grabs a random tee-shirt and shorts from mirror closet, goes to bathroom and showers.)

(comes downstairs and sleepily eats waffles)
(logs on computer. This is the order that I check. Email, Darths and Droids, Blogger.)

(checks on Organa Major. sees hater's comment. leaves witty response.)
(checks back a little later to see hater's response to witty response)

So I have dedicated a whole post to you, Leia to say: 

Dude. What happened to your blog?

This wouldn't have something to do with the hater, would it? You deleted your whole blog because of him/her? Do you know how many haters I've gotten? Just ignore them! They probably didn't even read your post!

You. Hater. This is how I feel about you.
I was going to add a poor, sad, little kitten, just for effect. However, I thought: "Heck, this guy doesn't deserve kittens." 
So here's  some kittens for the rest of you, just for contrast. 

Don't let haters get to you. And undelete your blog.

Yours <3,

PS. This method was used in a different form from Hyperbole and a Half. It is a very effective method to deal with haters.


  1. I didn't get to see who the hater was and what he/she posted? What was it? And I second what Amaranthine is saying; don't let haters get to you! They're around, and they're bound to be negative about your blog, but it's just like comments on Youtube, most of them are made by 8 year olds.

    Keep bloggin' Leia!

  2. Um, oops. I did NOT delete my blog. I changed the web address because I thought it would keep that "friend" of mine away. You see, I know that person well enough to know she wouldn't leave me alone if I made her mad. I thought changing the address would prevent her from finding it again. *laughs evily* I didn't think you guys wouldn't be able to find it again! Oops! Here's the link:

    -Leia (sorry! I guess I didn't know what I was doing!)

  3. I'll change it back. (sorry!!!!!) I'm going right now to change it back! I didn't think it would prevent you guys from seeing it! Oh, I feel stupid. LOL

  4. You knew the Anon? If you do, please direct her to my blog so she can see the kitten-less picture I posted for her. The way you can moderate comments is "Settings" and "Comment Settings"

  5. You know the mean person who came on your blog? Wow, I don't get on for a day and a bunch of weird stuff happens. Sorry about what happened to you Leia!!

    -Barriss :D

  6. How do you know the person, and why on earth is he/she leaving a hate comment on your blog?

  7. Leia, I still can't view your blog. D:
    And, what hater comment? DD: WHat did it say?

  8. Grr! Try this link:

    Mara (the hater) is a bit...different. I don't consider her a friend really.


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