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Your Online Persona

 UPDATE: I made a card for Qui, for finishing my cover. I drew it myself, to further demonstrate my fail artistic ability. Aw man, the tip of the tulip(yes, it's a tulip) is cut off.

First off:
My book cover is finished! It's called Or Die Trying for now, but Qui-Gon will get me the cover without the title so I can change it whenever I want. (Could I also have a version of the first one in color, too? The one with the braid?Thanks.)
She made two. I personally like the first one better: 
How about you?
Black and white: coolness.

Thank you soooooo much, Qui!I am the least artistic person I know.

Back to the post:

I was learning in Psychology class about internet addiction. Ouch. I'm definitely one of the candidates for that. While other people feel that the internet gets in the way of life, addicts feel that life gets in the way of the internet.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Part of internet addiction is the allure of creating an online persona. You can be anyone you want to be here, and sometimes, addicts feel that their online persona is the "real" them."
See, I'm not addicted. The online me is the exact opposite of the "real" me.

Amaranthine is confident, outspoken, and shamelessly promoting.
I'm not shy, but I'm quiet(when I'm around people I don't know well), polite(same), and rarely stand up for myself.

Amaranthine always knows the right thing to say.
I'm always saying things I don't mean, because I forget to think about them. o.O.

Amaranthine loves homeschooling and will scoff at public schoolers with Leia Organa and Padme.  
I get lonely sometimes, being at home all the time, and sometimes, secretly, I wish I was like them.

(is quiet)

People want to be in control of themselves. They want to "be the person they wanna be." I don't want that. I want to be the person God wants me to be, whether that's like Amaranthine, or (insert real name here).
People turn to the internet so they can be a different person. What they don't know is that, we can all be different, better people, through Christ.


Hey, this is a rather serious post, but it's true.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Cor 5:17



  1. First of all: I got a card. I'm touched. <3 :')

    And second: To continue off the whole, I'm different in real life than I am on the internet: I'd say that I have the same problem.
    Qui-Gon respects peoples opinions and will listen to what people have to say. Qui-Gon is nice. Qui-Gon loves to make fun of public schoolers and how "passionless' they are.
    Savannah (thats me) has almost no respect for other peoples opinions (at least right away, then I realize i was being a total jerk and i feel really bad), Savannah isn't nice most of the time, and Savannah gets VERY lonely up here in WA. ;-; I have no friends.

    So yes, I'm addicted to the internet too. Since basically my life is now on the internet. o-o;

    Serious posts deserve serious comments!


  2. Ah, very, very good post. Very true too. I'm rather quite around people. It's not that I'm shy, it's more just I haven't much to say. I'm different around my friends. Around friends I'm crazy and loud and fun-lovin'. Same on the internet, I suppose. I'm not exactly an addict. I can control it if I need to.

  3. You just blew your cover, Savannah-Qui.

  4. Wow. Great post. I am alot like Jedi~Chick and alot different too. When I'm around new people I am more shy and polite, but when I am with my friends I can be quiet and loud. And crazy. I'm not really sure how I come across on the internet, and (despite what my parents say) I am NOT addicted. I can stop any time I need to/want to. (never!!!!) Lol,
    I have lots of friends in "real life" but I find myself talking about my "internet friends" all the time.
    This was an excellent post, very true too.
    Thanks Amaranthine,

  5. You talk about us internet friends, Jedi~Chick? Wow. I'm touched. LOL I do that too actually. =P

    -Leia <3

  6. I don't really care anymore. xD i was gonna link the LS readers to my personal blog anyway. I would like more followers.

  7. This post is soo true. With me, my Internet persona is alot like me in the real world. Except I'm a little nicer on the Internet. Not that I'm mean in real life or anything, I just try to compensate for other people not hearing my tone of voice. But great post, I concur with you.


  8. Okay, seriously? I might as well be Jedi~Chick. :)

    I think Endor/Padmé/Christmas (yes, I have multiple personality disorders LOL) is more critical than the real me. I think. I'm also.....I don't know. Qui/Savannah/WHATEVER your name is, help me figure this

    But yes, Amarathine, this was good.

  9. Yes, but I wish you'd come up with more original names sometimes. I'd be talking, and like "Barriss Offee has a gecko." And my brothers are like, whaaat? and i'm like the ONLINE Barriss. And they're like, oh.
    I don't mind Jedi~Chick, but sometimes I wish you other guys had "NAME" names. :)

  10. Haha, I do that too. I was telling my friend something about one of the blogs the other day and I said, "Qui-Gon wrote this and then Padme and Leia commented and so did I and then Amaranthine wrote that, and....." and she was waaaay confused!! She kept asking who on earth these people were. I had to be honest and say that I didn't really know, but that they were my online friends. Haha, Name Names. I know right! It sounds funny to be talking about Qui-Gon and Leia and Padme and Jedi~Chick (me!) all the time. (Amaranthine is actually a really cool and pretty name, sounds quite convincing too!)

  11. One of the main reasons I'm Barriss is because I also use that name on one of the forums I go on. I'm trying to keep it the same across the proverbial board.
    -Barriss :D


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