Monday, November 29, 2010


Savannah wins. Leia also got it too. Be sure to still call me Amaranthine! Please don't tell anyone else!

Savannah's blog button for herself is coming soon. Free promotion!

Her blogs:

Borderline Failure
Her personal blog. She went under the clandestine name of Qui-Gon, before she went ahead and disclosed everything here. She shares my rabid love of pages.I love the current "Christmas" layout on her blog.
Favorite post:
This was fun.

A Lightsaber and a Script 
This doesn't get updated as much. I like it, even with all the Anakin fangirly-ness that happens there.

Covers by Brokenbone

 Branches into graphic design. Favorite post: My own, of course! But I still need a version without the title, please.

Her blog button is coming soon! Starting out at the tippity-top of the sidebar.



  1. Oh.. I thought I got it first. Oh well. Congrats on beating me to it, Savanah!!! I won't tell anyone your name, Amarathine. =D

  2. :DDD Thanks!
    Oh i totally forgot abotu the one with no text!! I'll put it on the cover blog now!

  3. PS: Do you just want me to like make a banner or something?


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