Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12: A song you want played at your wedding

Okay, so my plan to watch "Witches of the Mist" "The Lightning Thief" and "Inception" in one night worked great!

Well, sort of.

First, I watched "Witches of the Mist" on the computer while my parents began Inception on the TV. It was only half an hour, so then I started "The Lightning Thief when that was over. About halfway through, I stopped and watched the second half of Inception upstairs.

Yeah, so Inception finished around 11:30, and I went to bed brain dead and confused. And I dreamed about Medusa and cornbread.

Don't worry, we have the Inception DVD and I have The Lightning Thief on the computer so I can actually watch the actual full movies sometime.

Okay, on to the post.
I want Star Wars music, but Across the Stars is too sad. At my funeral would be good for that song. So most likely, "The Throne Room."

Non Star Wars, I love the song "They Say It's Wonderful" from Annie Get Your Gun.

"Wedding Day at Trouldhaugen" by my favorite composer, Edvard Grieg:

Anyways, Inception was a good movie. The Lightning Thief, not as good. I didn't like it. I tried to avoid comparing it to the book, but even by itself I thought it was pretty poor. The characters were completely different, both inside and out. The only good part was Luke. The Luke in the movie was pretty awesome. But they took out:
Mr. D
The Oracle
All the campers
:( And what they didn't take out, they changed drastically.
Oh, and lets just say you won't understand the Wikipedia article on Inception until you've actually seen the movie. I totally recommend Inception though.

I still love Percy Jackson! And Nico! :)



  1. I love the songs!! ;D

    My friend told me that Percy Jackson is TOTALLY different from the book. I hate it when they do that....change the book and turn it into a movie! I think the story itself would be awesome as a movie, without taking anyone or any elements out!! ;)

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. I didn't like the Percy Jackson movie much either. They totally ruined Annabeth.

  3. I really liked the Lightening Thief (Percy put it simply: hot), but I don't like the books. xD Guess I'm weird. And Hades amused me.

  4. *Maybe because hades happens to be my favorite disney villain. (the Hercules Hades)

  5. Coming from a guy, this is probably weird, but I totally know what song I want played at my wedding! :D

    The Vitamin String Quartet's tribute to 1979. Absolute beauty personified.

  6. *still wants to see the movie*

    *is distressed that Clarisse is not there*

    *has a feeling that Luke IS pretty awesome in the movie anyway*

    *wants to see Inception very badly*

  7. I actually thought the Percy Jackson movie was blech even before I started reading the books.

    -Leia <3


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