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Day 13: A guilty pleasure.

Not even good magazines, like Star Wars Insider. Junk magazines.
See, the people that had our house before we moved in had a hair salon. And magazine companies give their extra magazines to hair salons. So we get tons of free magazines. And I read them:
We get(for free):

Real Simple
Us Weekly
Cosmopolitan(I don't read this one. XP)
Elle(I don't read this one)
Teen Vogue
Glamour(I don't read this one either)
All You
Weight Watchers
Modern Bride
In Style
Food-Martha Stewart
All You
All kinds of random magazines that we only get once.

We have no subscription to any magazines except Linux Journal(for my dad). I wonder when they will stop? Will they?

It's very irregular. We used to get People every week, but now we get it rarely. We stopped getting Real Simple for about a year, but now we get it again. I love Real Simple! :D Oh, we used to get Good Housekeeping and Family Fun. We don't get those anymore. I miss them! :'(

It's fun getting at least something in the mail every day, And I take it up to my room and read when I have a spare moment. And then I procrastinate throwing it away. I never reread them because we get something else every day. I have literally a big ol laundry basket in my room full of procrastinated, beat up US Weeklys. I should go throw them out.

I see the magazine aisles in the store and I'm like, people pay money for these? I just threw out a ton after tripping over them!


PS. Alex-Ha! Hopefully your bride lets you choose the song.


  1. Wow, those are alot of magazines!! LOL! I read what my parents call teeny-bopper magazines every summer when I go to orchestra camp. My dad buys them for's a tradition! LOL!

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. I am the EXACT same way, Amaranthine. Magazines are my weakness.

    I was cleaning out my room about a month ago and came across 15-20 junk magazines we got in the mail that I had stashed away and never had thrown out.

    I keep them, and read them even if it's something boring. I might even like reading magazines more then books. =P

    -Leia <3

  3. Lol!! The only magazine i read is Seventeen.

  4. LOL! Yeah, I get the feeling that MY wants will get shuffled into the background. :D

  5. I hardly EVER read magazines. I am asking for a subscription to SW Insider for my birthday, though.....

  6. I love junk magazines! Even though I hardly get to read them. When we were taking care of this lady's house for her while she was on vacation this summer, she let us swim in her pool, and she left us a TON of magazines.


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