Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 27: A physical feature you love


I'm having one of those days where it feels like everyone secretly hates me.

I'm reading the original Mysterious Benedict Society! I love it, but some parts creep me out. I like Milligan and Constance!

In response to your comments, no, I did not jump. XD. 

I had an okay piano test. Thanks for all your prayers!

A physical feature I love...hmm...

My face

My legs
My hair

Oh, I know! My arms!

I have really skinny hands and arms, from playing piano. My hands are so small, and you can see blood vessels and bones even through my Asian yellow skin. When I wiggle my fingers, you can see whatever-controls-your-fingers moving underneath the skin. And my hands are double-jointed. I don't know if that's attractive, but it is entertaining when I'm bored!

Please pray for allishmalli, one of my friends from The Lakehouse. Her church can't pay it's rent and is going to have to move out next week! Please pray that God sends a miracle and they either find a new, better, place or have to keep their old one. God causes change when change is needed. I still pray for them every time I pray.


Our church has moved once, from an elementary school to a high school. A lot of times I miss the old location, but it was for the better. I


  1. I have days like that all the time.I'm glad your piano test went well! I'll definantly be praying for allishmalli! I hope everything works out for her.

  2. Oh, one of those everyone-hates-me days. I had one yesterday. -_-

    I've always wanted to be double-jointed.

    -Leia <3

  3. I'm having one of those days right now. See ya in a week, apparently I'm grounded. :( -_- :P

    I'm praying for Allishmalli! :)

    I LOVE MYSETERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY!!!!! :D It's so good. :) I like Reynie and Kate. ;)

    Jedi~Chick <3

  4. I hope your day gets better!! I've never had a whole day of that feeling, but I've had little moments of it. Well, it's more that everyone's mad at me. -_-

    I'm not sure if I'm double jointed or not, but I can bend my fingers in unusual ways. I also have two different thumbs, and one of them sticks at the joint in the mornings and when it's humid out. It's creepy......

    I'll pray for allishmalli, that's horible!!

    Also, that's great that your piano test went well!

    -Barriss :-D


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!