Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am happy(Day 16)

Thanks for all your kind comments on the other post. It makes me feel better. (stews in anger) Uh, yeah.

Whales! They always manage to make me feel better. (sniff) And Nico. and Star Wars. And fish and seals.

I have a sore throat.
But I'm happy, because my cousins Caleb and Alex are coming this weekend. They're the cousins closest to my age. They're awesome! They live up in Northern California and are coming down for Christmas. They're neutral about Star Wars and Percy Jackson, but they love Adventures in Odyssey, just like I do.  Here's a transcript of a typical chat.

 me: go read percy jackson.
 Caleb: no.
 me: why not
 Caleb: no.
9:05 PM 
 Caleb: 2 busy
 me: and whne you do,
 Caleb: whine? wine? when?
9:06 PM me: and WHINE you do.
  says yoda
 Caleb: no, "and when whine, you do,"
9:07 PM The reason I don't want to read Percy Jackson is because, by your own confession, he is a seaweed brain.
 me: Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.
9:08 PM Caleb: reading certain things is an instant turn-off anywhere.
 me: "turn off"
9:09 PM this does not fit in with my analogy
  i reject it.
 Caleb: certain things meaning Seaweed head books.
  like percy jackson
 me: Seaweed BRAIN
9:10 PM ooh ooh ooh ooh
  did you hear the ads for the new album of adventures in odyssey
 Caleb: A list of all the words within brain
 me: rain?
 Caleb: ran
 me: air
 Caleb: ban
 me: nab
 Caleb: nab
9:11 PM you stole mine!
 me: Mine was first.
 Caleb: rib
 me: ooh, barn is a good one
 Caleb: thank you, [bow], thank you
9:12 P
 Caleb: My mom forgot who played in the super bowl.

9:15 PM Caleb: speaking of T, did you know that the world record for centipede (video game) is 16,389,547 points?
9:16 PM I bet you didn't know that
now you are a bit smarter
you're welcome
 me: I'm not sure I knew that.
  I'm not sure I know that now.
 Caleb: I bet you didn't know that
now you are a bit smarter
you're welcome
9:17 PM me: Would you like a list of seaweeds in South Africa?
 Caleb: I'll give you two guesses.
 me: gee, thanks.
 Caleb: Wow! first try!
 me: They are in kingdom Plantae!
 Caleb: I would never have guessed that plants are in the plant kingdom
9:19 PM me: PlantAE
  Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
 Caleb: a ae ae am aA ae arum is as is
  o s t mus tis nt
9:20 PM me: Unk?
 Caleb: Bok?
 me: Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
9:21 PM Caleb: If we must.
 me: Thank you.
9:22 PM I really appreciate it
 Caleb: now that we have agreed upon the assumed points, we may continue with the debate.
 me: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
9:23 PM Caleb: No, but I do feel like a plastic bag wanting to be turned into usable energy by a machine some Japanese guy came up with.
 me: Ah.
  Do you ever wonder where butterflies go at night?
 Caleb: Sleep?
9:24 PM me: Do you ever think that they become mosquitos?
 Caleb: umm...
  they shrink and get big noses?
9:25 PM umm lemme think ummm NO
 me: good night
  g2g to bed
  read percy jackson
9:26 PM Caleb: Bye  It would be really sad if I was sick when they came. :'(. 
A song that makes me cry....well, I love listening to sad songs, but when you listen to them too many times, they loose their effect.
Here are some that I love:

Ooh, here's my new favorite song:



  1. That was really interesting. ;)

    I LOVE If I Die young!!!!! The Band Perry is SO awesome!! ;) I love love love that song!! Despite how depressing it is.

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. I hope you feel better!! And have fun with your cousins!!

    I used to listen to Adventures in Odyssey all the time. I should start that again.

    -Barriss :-D

  3. My friend refuses to read Percy Jackson too. Not sure why...


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