Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 26: A childhood memory

I just got back from biking to the library. It's freezing outside! Especially for dear old Southern Cali!

Today is my start-book-series day. I got Magyk(1st book of Septimus Prime series), The Mysterious Benedict Society(I already read the second book in the series), and Redwall(First book in the Redwall series), along with a book on Greek mythology and a PJatO graphic novel.

A childhood memory.. hm...gotta think about that.

I know.

This experience almost singlehandedly fostered my bravery and thirst for adventure.

I was taking this swim class when I was five or six, first learning to swim. After I passed all the levels, one of the final things was to jump off this diving board into this really deep pool.  It was super deep. Maybe 10 feet, 15 feet? There was an instructor sitting below in a noodle who said he would "catch" us. 

My firs thought was: "JUMPING JAMAICAN GYMNASTS! THAT'S A GAZILLION FEET DEEP! There is no way I'm jumping into that!" My second and third thoughts went pretty much the same way.

The instructor said "C'mon! Don't be scared! I'll catch you!"

I turned to mom.

"Didja hear that, mom? The guy said he's going to "catch" me. You're really falling for this?"He's going to "catch" me huh? Well, the other kids may have blindly trusted you with their lives, but no, this girl isn't going to be suckered by this unshaved guy in red swim trunks!"

She must not have heard me, because she said: "Go on. Don't be scared."

"Excuse me, mom? Didja hear me? Didja hear me? Do you want me to say it again?"

"You're holding up the line. Come on. I'll buy you a toy!"

Ooh. Now there was an offer. Almost willing to make me risk life and limb. But nah.

Those of you who know me and read my earlier sentences, may be thinking: "But, Amaranthine, you don't have a thirst for adventure. The most adventurous thing you've ever done was try that crab at that questionable Chinese restaurant! And that was just so you could have dessert!"

Yeah. Glad you realized that.


  1. Lol!!!

    Redwall is really really good. :)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I am laughing my head off right now!

    I took swimming lessons when I was 4. My teacher told me that she'd catch me before my face went underwater but she didn't. I got water up my nose, and to me, that was the worst possible outcome.

    I wouldn't swim underwater until I was 6, and until I was about 5 I was afraid of swimming at all because I didn't trust water wings and I'd had a traumatic experience involving a noodle.


  3. LOL! That's funny. Did you jump? Did you get the toy? :P

    OHMYGOSH!!!!!! YAY!! It's Septimus Heap, and OMWord I LOVE those books!!!! Email me when you finish it,they are like, my favorite series of all time!!!!! I also REALLY REALLY Love Mysterious Benedict Society. The book is right next to me on my desk actually. I'm going to re-read it for the sixth time! :P :D Have fun reading!!!! :D

    Jedi~Chick <3

  4. Oh I read Magyk (but it's the Septimus Heap series if I remember right. Or maybe I'm just crazy).
    It was good, but not spectacular. Just the usual Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son fantasy. I did like it, but not enough to re-read them all so I could get to the new book, Syren.


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