Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed my life.

This letter is for my mom. It is long overdue.

Dear Mom,

There is a quote "One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters", by George Herbert. I believe you can relate to this! You've homeschooled me and my brothers for our entire lives! I wanted to say thank you for taking a job that is 24/7 but sometimes seems to have such little payoff. Thanks for being my mother and helping to realize, every day, my true potential as a child of God.

Some people have wondered at your decision to home school for our entire lives. We hear all the usual questions, mostly involving socialization and college and can we go to school in our pajamas?  But I'm so glad you did. I often wonder, if I had gone to public school, who would I be today? Would I still blog, dance, play piano? Would I even like Star Wars? GASP. The best years of my life were when Daddy worked at home, you homeschooled us, and we were just one family together all the time. Now things are a bit crazier, but we're all surviving,  After all, childhood is the foundation on which our entire life is built. And life is the test where our eternities our built. You knew better than to trust that foundation on a stranger!

You continue to do so much for us. I still wonder when you get up early in the morning, chase us all off the computer and make us do schoolwork, and alternately cook lunch while helping one brother with fractions and the other with Chinese homework, and do the laundry and bug me about my Spanish grades. Then, after lunch break, you chase us off the computer again and coach us through piano practice, chauffeur us wherever we need to go, and come back just in time to cook dinner! And after dinner, cleaning up the whole house while listening to your soundtrack of "Phantom of the Opera" over and over again. I don't want to tell you what sort of dreams I got while falling asleep to "Past the Point of No Return", but you get the idea.

You always supported me in everything I did or wanted to do. You encouraged me to take advantage of every opportunity I came across, whether it be giving a speech, playing piano in a competition, or entering an essay contest. I'll always remember when I practiced and practiced for a singing audition but was too nervous to actually audition when the day came. You were disappointed, but you assured me I would get another opportunity to do other things. When I entered the speech contest, and won, and gave the speech in front of 200+ 8th graders at 8th grade graduation, I was thinking of that day, and how glad I was that you emailed me that opportunity.   

Children often thank their parents for "letting them be themselves." Well, I want to thank you for helping me make myself.   You helped me learn that with God's help we can be anything, overcome anything, and become the person God dreamt up for us. 

I look forward to my future, the near future in becoming an adult, and the eternal future in heaven. God help me, I will stand up and make the most out of it. If I fall, I'll stand back up and learn from it, because of this strong foundation you and Dad and God laid down.

Thank you.



  1. That is so sweet! I almost cried reading that Amaranthine!!! ;) I've got to think of who to write my letter to..... :D

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. Awww! This is beautiful, Amaranthine! I love it.

    -Leia <3

  3. Aw!! That's a great letter Amaranthine. :-D

    -Barriss :-D


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