Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 21: Something you do differently
You know, that's an interesting question.
I don't really have many bizarre quirks. I like things to be neat and clean, but not OCD like, just normal-girl like.

I guess I think about limitations differently than most people. To me, limitations aren't walls, just hurdles. Like in piano, if I can't play a particular section because it's a tricky rhythm, I'm not going to go all: "Oh, I suck at this section, too bad, hope I don't fail at the recital!" I practice using different methods until I CAN play the thing!

It would seem obvious to most people for piano, but for me it expands to other things. Like art. When I realized that I failed at art, I began practicing and now I still fail, but I'm improving. When I couldn't do my splits, I practiced being flexible until I could do them.

It sometimes annoys me. People are like "Oh, I can't do this, I wish I could!" or "Oh, I'm so bad at this! I wish I was better!" And I'm like: "Well?"(as in, so what are you going to do about it?) And they give me a funny look back. I guess they didn't want it as badly as I thought.

An example:
Satya(remember her? Grr!) from dance class was watching our teacher do all three of her splits, and she said: "Wow! I wish I could do those." Back when she used to talk to me, she would watch me warm up before dance class and say: "I wish I were as flexible as you." 

Sometimes flexibility is genetic, but not often. She should see me practice every day! She doesn't even try very hard in class, so I doubt she practices much at home. Does she think flexibility will just randomly fall out of the sky?

That's my problem. When I can't do or get something, I start scheming up ways to get or do them. Because to me, the whole world's fair game.

Normally my plan fails and I get all frustrated and cry. Like one time I wrote an essay in the wrong person accidentally and my teacher wanted me to switch it to third person. So I wrote the teacher a long and sentimental email on why she should just let me turn it in the way it was. It was a good email. I must have worked harder on the email then on the essay itself.

Her response went something like: "Shut up, and switch all your pronouns to third person." Not in those words, exactly.




  1. ;)
    I second the flexibility thing. I'm not that flexible. I never was. But I practice, I stretch, and thus, I can almost hit the ground. I'm getting better. There's one girl in my class that after I do a leap *a high leap* she always says, "How can you do that?!?" I tell her practice, and she looks at me like I'm crazy. :P
    Same with the piano, only for me it's on Viola. Like today at Orchestra, my friend's like, "I can't get this part! It's too hard," I asked her if she practiced, because I could play it perfect, and I've been playing a lot shorter than she has. :)
    Good post. :)

    Jedi~Chick <3

    P.S. I like the picture. The World is your Oyster, right? ;)

  2. I'm not flexible...At ALL! I've tried and tried and tired, doesn't happen.

    I'm OCD, and I'm proud(ish) of it! ROFL.

  3. I really should work more at my stuff instead of complaining.

  4. You and I would love each other in real life, methinks.

    Loved the post to pieces. <3

  5. I'm not really flexible at-all.

    -Leia <3


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