Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Some of the greatest words ever uttered. Not an expression of despair or defeat, but the joyful shout of an artist after he has completed his greatest masterpiece.
Hope you guys make it to an Easter service this weekend. What else are you doing to celebrate Easter?



  1. Amen!! I'm going to church for Easter. I think that's it....not sure, lol :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. We're going to an Easter play tonight and then on Sunday morning, we're going to work the early service and go to church the late service. :)

  3. Amen!

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our church is having a huge service at the give arena thing in town, where all the concerts are held. :) My sister is singing with her choir and then our family will go to my grandparent's house for dinner. :) I love Easter.

    Have a great Easter Amaranthine!!!! :D

  4. I didn't do anything on Friday and may not today either but on Sunday I am going to church and eating a big Easter meal with my family.

    Everybody HAPPY EASTER

  5. I'm going to church on Sunday and my grandparents are coming over :)

    Have a wonderful Easter!!!!

  6. Amen!!

    Our church celebrated Communion, which is very special beacuse we don't have a set date to do it. My pastor always says we "do it as the Lord leads".

    Happy Easter!

    -Barriss :-D

  7. Oops, and I forgot to add that my family came over.

    -Barriss :-D


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!