Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am out of it......
I made it back safely yesterday, but I think my brain is still on vacation. I must stop complaining about follower envy and actually POST something. I want to do Qui's book tag, but that would involve walking to my room to see what books are on my shelf and I'm not sure if I have the strength to do that.

I finished reading Shannon Etheridge's "Preparing Your Daughter for Every Young Woman's Battle"(book 2.) I think you should take the time to read Every Young Woman's Battle if you can. It's about the age-old subject, romance. BEFORE I write a post on it, however, I would really like to know your opinions about dating, boyfriends, kissing, etc. etc. Leave a comment please! Be "Anonymous" if you're embarrassed. ;)

And a lot of girl Christians blog about this subject, so that's why I've been hesitant to blog about it so far.

As for writing posts, Qui has been doing a lot of that lately. So I would like to know what WRITING topics would you still like to know more about?(or at least hear my opinion about.)

Actually, while we're at it, what would you like me to post about?  Abby wanted me to post more of my personal life(which you'll get with pictures from my trip, later.) :)

 I would like to do a "How to Make Your Blog Attractive, pt.2" post. So  I'll need your input on that as well. When you see a blog for the first time(let's assume you don't know ANYTHING about the blog or blog owner) what makes you follow or move elsewhere? Is it the design(this is a BIG deal for me)? Title? Style of writing? (formal or informal). Do you read several posts at first or just glance through before following? Do you look to see if people leave comments? Do you look for organized blogs or rambly blogs like mine? If you ever "unfollow" blogs, why do you?


  1. My opinion on dating, etc., well I'm too young to date, so I haven't really though much about this. I certainly believe in abstinance until marriage.

    About posting, maybe a bit more about personal life or school.

    I usually follow blogs with people who have some of the same interests as me. The only reason I'd ever "unfollow" a blog is if the blogger said something really offensive, innapropriate, or mean.

  2. Welcome home!

    Maybe you could do a "Endor, start writing NOW!" post.

    Dating: Courtship aka We're "Dating" with the Purpose of Marriage in Mind.
    Boyfriends: Well, I prefer to call my friends who are boys guy friends. ;P "boyfriend" will more likely than not be my husband.
    Kissing: My first kiss will be at the alter.

  3. If I see a million stupid and pointless widgets, I automatically leave.
    If I see posts where the only thing they do is post pictures of random stuff then I leave.
    That is for tumblr, not blogger.

    Dating: Uh. I dunno. Right now, I'm not interested in dating. But I don't have like a certain age in which I would start dating.

    Hahha, I was mentioned twice. xD

  4. I won't kiss till I'm really serious with a guy...which won't be for a couple more years at least. ;)

    As for blogs, when they are really sloppy and unprofessional looking, if the person hasn't posted in a while, if the person posts about pointless stuff, or if the person has a very typical or boring blog I don't follow usually.

    -Leia <3

    -Leia <3

  5. lol, I don't mind rambly blogs. I am a rambly blogger. xD

    As for dating: I'm not really 'interested' in boys right now. I think I'm too young to date, and frankly I think that when God brings the right person into my life, I'll be interested. xD Then again, I know girls who are younger than me who have already had more than one 'serious' boyfriends. I do not....'approve'.
    Boyfriends: I have 'guy friends' like Endor said, but no one who's a 'boyfriend' (despite my friend's opinions that my best guy friend and I are 'meant to be') :P If he is 'the one' then God will take care of it.
    Kissing: I think it's romantic, and sweet, but I'll wait until it's the right time for me to have my first kiss. I'm saving it. ;P

    That was kinda rambly. :P LOL! Like I said, I'm a rambly blogger. XDD


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