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Oh my goodnesss

Look at my new blog design! Look at it! Stare at its gorgeousnessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!

I'm seriously going to start crying now...(sniff.)

I'll write Qui a proper review later..*sniff* Thank you Qui! I need to find a way to thank Qui...somehow.

I think a good way to thank her would be to write a proper post.
I keep clicking back to my main page because I MUST STARE AT GORGEOUS BLOG LAYOUT.

I don't know how I'm going to keep on posting about Star Wars and sharks and seals though. Not with a layout like this!

I need to thank Qui somehow.  Anyone have any ideas?

For now I will just put up pictures of unicorns:
This one includes a bonus fairy and mermaid!
And a duck!


  1. Yay for the duck.

    OHMYWORD I LOVE YOUR HEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qui is the Blogger Fairy!!!!!!! xD Great job Qui! ;) It's so beautiful!!!!!! I love the colors!!!!!!!

  2. I love unicorns. :3
    <3 <3 You're very welcome.

  3. Aawwwww!!!! That's so gorgeous! Wow! *sniffles too* Tissue please?

    Seriously though, that looks so great <3

    You can post about Star Wars still-- hahah, you should make it more of a personal blog and post about your life. I would LOVE that, it would be really great :D

    *stares at beautiful blog*

    Great job Qui!


  4. I already told Qui, but I'll say it again: I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She did such a good job! :D

    You should make it more of a personal blog, without getting too personal. ;)


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