Monday, April 11, 2011

Here we are in Bass Lake!

I'm really happy to be writing to you guys from our little condo thingy in Bass Lake.
Why am I happy?
Because we have internet! Internet! The honey of life!
Sarah(one of the friends who we are here with) told us that when they picked the condo thingy, they had to choose a.) a condo with two bathrooms and no internet and b.) a condo with 1.5 bathrooms and internet.
When Sarah told us that they picked a.) I was about to melt into the floor. I was seriously freaking out.
Luckily we hooked something up with a Droid, and now we have internet. Praise the Lord!
It was a nice drive yesterday and then we hiked to the lake. Today we'll be driving into Yosemite to hike!
My brothers, Sarah, and Simon are all playing Settlers of Catan downstairs now :).

I miss you guys! :P
Oops, I deleted my signature D:<


  1. Yay! I go crazy when I can't get to the internet. xD I'm glad you got yours hooked up!

    Have fun hiking! =)

    <3 Rachel

  2. :D Miss you too Amaranthine! Have tons of fun!!!!! Praise God you've got internet!!!!!!! XD Is it okay if I email you my fanfic when I'm done with chapter one? The one for Lakehouse? ;) Have fun at the lake!!!! :D

  3. That sounds like so much fun!!! We miss you too! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. AWWW I loved that signature! :( Glad to hear you have the honey of life though.


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