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One year anniversary
A year ago today there was a girl named Amaranthine Degada and she wanted to start a blog. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And she already had a Gmail account, so ,she could save the trouble of registering on a site and just use Blogger. her story.

I still remember the first template I used. This was back in the days before the template designer.and they just has templates that you picked and stuck with. I picked the travel template. It was grey and pink and actually really weird looking. I didn't post anything that day, but instead went around trying to design my blog, like I’m sure most of you have.

And so, the next day, armed with an idea, a keyboard, and a ShabbyBlogs Aqua template...I typed. And posted. Nothing happened. No brilliant flash of light. I think I went to eat a sandwich after that. I didn’t expect anything to come out of it. I didn’t have a follower goal, didn’t expect to make friends, or even expect to become famous. If you go look  at those early posts you’ll see I suffered the same  indecision most of you suffer from. My blog, like billions of other blogs on the web, suffered from irregular, erratic posts, spaced far apart and lacking inspiration and audience. There were some funny posts, but most of them were written by other people.

I remember my first follower, who I mentioned here several times. I found Madeline myself via her Google Profile, and she was my first follower and commenter. She really was supportive during the early days, and left a comment on almost every post I did. The second memorable one was Migillicutty, who you might see around occasionally.I found Migillicutty the same way I found Madeline, but Migillicutty had the bonus of being a Star Wars EU Novel fan!!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one! So I excitedly commented and followed, and she did the same.

My posts for the next month averaged about 10 a month. Whenever I felt my blog was getting stale, I would post something new, and knew that in the next couple days, I would get a comment from Madeline, and that would be all the comments I would get.

Around the end of May, I went to Mexico on a mission trip, and all of a sudden I had something consistent to post about! I posted more often and snagged a couple more followers. I did some pretty nice inspirational posts that I still like to reread(no comments though.) If you look, there is also a picture of me and (gasp) my real name, if you look hard enough. Those Mexico posts got spread out for three months, and then the next two months began their steady ascent, with some more followers(Alex and Endor, and later, Savannah and Abby.)

Endor’s blog, as I’ve said, led me to Leia, JC, and most of the Lakehouse Star Wars lovin’ girls that I’m friends with now. I left a comment and never looked back. NanoWrimo deepened my “internetfriendships” with other participants, like Abby and Savannah. We sent each other frenzied comments like “GREAT ISOSCELES TRIANGLE! I’M AT 40K NOW!!!!” There was no feeling like that shared triumph as we showed our winners certificates on our blogs.

Then there was a bizarre Her Universe post that I posted after being inspired by a Club Jade commenter. I’m actually not all that proud of that post, anymore. I wasn’t being fair to Ashley and her team, who I’m sure did their best. I was surprised by all the polite comments I received from people like Daniel Wallace and Daniel Madsen.

Some other highlights were being featured on Storing Up Treasures, having Andrew Shellshear commenting on my blog, and reaching my follower goal(60.)

My blog isn’t a “prodigy” blog that had 134080385 after one month. Like all other areas of my life, I didn’t get anything suddenly or magically. My blog was built up little by little with God’s blessing, my hard work and stress, and most obviously, your support. <3 you all and God bless you! I couldn’t be here typing if it wasn’t for you all. You make every day special.

So a big hearty thank you for helping me reach my 1 year anniversary. This past year has been one of the best ones I ever had!

This post is dedicated to:
Caleb, Ira, Anne Marie, Sarah Dempster, Serenity, Migillicutty, Yu, steve, Ali, Victoria, Jedigal1900, skiptotheend, Madeline, Alex, Jemimah, Wearetravelers, 88th Planet, Everyone’s Favorite Composer, Ms. Darcy, Kisho, Brookie, Paige, Sarahluvs, Eldra, Abby, Leia, Qui, aparsley, Courtney, Audrey, Tom, Mary A, Lori, Voiceonthewind, Kaleena, Barriss, Jack, Nikk, David, Jesse, Endor, Mariella, Lauren, Bailey, CaitSundae, Rachel(Karina), dezzy, Milisande, Marisa, Bethany, Katy, JediKnightGrl, Sophia, Jocee, Tessa, Jro, CaitHegarty, AndrieeJainaSolo, Sarah, RachelisaJedi, Atina/Kat, DuchessSatineKenobi, Aslhley, Winter, Jedi~Chick, Costumes Coutoure. <3 you.

And a special thanks!(And yes, I did type all  sixty six of you out by hand.)

You are amazing. Every comment(913 so far), every word of encouragement has touched my heart.

This next week I’m going to be writing all about my followers and promoting some of you. Each post will be dedicated to a couple people. And now...some yearly statistics:

Pageviews All Time: (drumroll): 11, 504 not counting my own.
Most Popular Posts: Going To Utah Tomorrow(298 Pageviews), Her Universe(114 Pageviews), Just Be Yourself(107 Pageviews).
Top Traffic Sources: Organa Major and Castles, Quills, and Cameras
Top Searches: nian gao(193 hits), amaranthineforever(5), ginny weasley(3)
Top Month: January 2011

I love you all, <3

NOT the end. This story will go on and on as long as you are there. It exists because you believed in its creation.


  1. Congratulations on reaching one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm happy to be a part of your blog's story. :)

  2. Aww Amaranthine! Congratdulations! You really do have one of the best blogs around here. I wish you the best of blogging luck this next year. May you make new friends, laugh a lot, and inspire people! *cues dramatic music*

    -Ley who still is on vacation <3 (hugs)

  3. Wow! One whole year! It's amazing all the things that can happen in that time. 66 followers is quite an accomplishment, and I'm glad to be following your blog.

  4. Happy blogoversary!!!!!
    And I love how your nian gao post was the top searched one. xD

  5. Congratulations and good luck throughout this next year!

  6. YAY!!!!!!!! Happy Blogoversary!!!!! :) Love you! :) And to think I've only 'known' you for about six months out of that year. xD Thanks for your blog, and for your mad modding (i just made that word up) skills!!!! You make me smile each time we chat, and your comments often make me laugh. ;) Thanks for everything sistah!

    Jedi~Chick <333

  7. Congrats for reaching a year! I'm glad to be your follower :)
    I can't wait to do NanoWrimo in November. It seemes so fun and I discovered it at the end of november last year..haha
    I can;t believe you got two fillings today too. at least I know I'm not alone lol


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