Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wondrous Wednesday

This is from Jocee at cupcake dictionary. So what makes my Wednesday wondrous?

(checks calendar)
It is Wednesday, right? Spring break is flying by so fast!

Normally, I despise Wednesdays with all my heart and soul. But THIS Wednesday was wondrous because:
~nn88 on deviantart

I got my 60th follower! Thanks, Milisande! That was actually one of my follower milestones this year. I love you guys. And Milisande left a comment! A real, live comment! If you follow Gwenea Faelwen at Faithfully Feminine, you've probably heard of her.

*PunciGraphics on deviantart
One word: SPRING BREAK.(That's two words.) Be still, inner critic. No one needs you. Ahem. Yeah, it's great being able to take a break from school and draw in some nice deep breaths. And stay inside and be on blogger, IWC and deviantart all day! (Not very different from what I normally do, actually.) And I can write! Yep, when I wake up, there is little to do except


And then I'm free to go and write!(if the next day hasn't started already.)
A thingy happened with my ballet class and I had to drop out for a couple weeks but now I'm back in hahahahahahahayay. I just found out today!

My teacher is handing out hip hop solos for our recital! Please pray that I get one and it's good ;).
Also pray for my dancing in general. It's been really discouraging because I haven't been advancing much lately.


  1. I love your blog! Consider me your 61st follower!

  2. Lol, great post, I love it! Thanks for linking up :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. :) I laughed so hard when reading your todo list. :P I should totally make one. xD

    Great post! :)

  4. Aw, great post :) Will be praying about the dancing. Glad your Wednesday was good <3

  5. LOL. Your todo list made me crack up. XD

    Hope you dance awesome! I can't dance (so bad at it) and I find people who can dance to be really cool and talented!! ^__^

    May the Force be with you!!!

  6. Nice to-do list. ;) i have been doing nothing this week except for reading and going on;ine.

  7. Good luck with your dancing! I LOVE HIP HOP! I'm in a hip hop duet! Let us know if you get the solo! :D


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