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I should never promise that I will post...

..because I never do.

Okay, so I'm preparing to write the series about becoming God's princess now. When I asked you guys about it, most of you said that you weren't interested in guys right now. Which is good, but the whole point is that you can't wait until you're interested in guys to start thinking about your standards and purity standards. Or else when the time comes and you do fall for someone, you'll be too influenced by hormones and emotions to make any big decisions. Which is why we should all start making our choices and setting boundaries beforehand. And there is the point of my new series.

 So I'm making a survey right now, with one question for each God's Princess post.

Question number one:

What would your ideal husband/boyfriend be like? What would he look like? What part of his character would attract you?

Please try to respond to these questions! It would really help with writing the post. ;) And if you do, I'll put your blog button on my sidebar. (I have almost no buttons now.)


  1. AH!!!!!!!!!!!! I erased my first comment! Uhhg. I'll try to rewrite everything I said. >.<

    I want a husband who is compassionate, gentle, yet firm. I want him to treat me like I'm the most important thing in the world to him. ;P He should have eyes only for me.

    As long as he is good looking, I don't care what color hair he has! XD

    I want him to be gentle, yet tough in his own way. I want him to treat me with respect. I don't want to be treated like one of the "guys." I want to be treated like the lady I am. He should treat all woman with high respect. Sister, mother, teacher, ect.

    I hope this helps! Now put my button in your sidebar! ;P

    -Ley <3

  2. My ideal husband is tall, handsome (at least to me), clean shaven most of the time but can look good with a little stubble, nice hair, green eyes because I want one of my children to have green eyes, not really harry.
    Personality wise, they have to be a good Christian, have a good relationship with their parents (there are special circumstances though where that would be canceled out), very musical and musically gifted, willing to deal with me sitting in my study for hours on end writing like a maniac, loves me for who I am and not how I look, good with kids, not a workaholic, likes to read, likes movies alot, is a NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST BE A NERD!!!!!!!!

  3. Ookkkaaayyy....... I hope nobody else that knows me will see this comment, because methinks I shall end up baring my romantic soul here. I would only do it for the sweet Amaranthine..... consider yourself lucky. :|

    To be honest, I *cough* have/have had/etc. a lot of crushes. In movies, I tend to fall for the main character, as always. But the dark-haired guys tend to really get me.... i.e., Frodo Baggins, (don't laugh!)... but I also have had a serious crush on Luke Skywalker for like, forever :P And, um..... the actor Jamie Bell, who played Billy Elliot back when he was little, and just did The Eagle and Jane Eyre and stuff. *sighs* *blushes*

    That aside, in real life, I have had a really, really big crush on this guy I met.... he's sorta the strong, silent type, uber-duber athletic and does all sorts of crazy sports. He's blond and has the.... erm.... most gorgeous hazel/blue/green/grey eyes ever.

    *dies from embarrassment*

    For the past six or so years that I've only seen him and never actually "met" him or talked to him, it was his appearance, but more so something just about him that made me want to get to know him, you know? To be honest, I don't really know him that well. We are only in the same area for three days out of the whole year. But I've seen him every year for like, eight years.

    But as far as imagining an ideal hubby, in all honesty, I would want him to be someone who firstly, loved Jesus, and secondly, understood me. As in, loved me for my quirks and didn't think I was weird, you know?

    *sighs again*

    But he also should have serious respect for ladies. My mom once said that you can tell how (for a guy) a wife will behave to you by the way she treats her siblings, but you can tell how (for a girl) your husband will treat you by the way he treats his mom. And I want my guy to be respectful and gentle and loving to his mom.
    Btw, I don't have a particular preference with the hair/eyes.

    Yikes. Dunno if that made sense. But I hoped it helped.....?

    Me go now to hide somewheres until me stops blushing.

  4. I like what Ley put.

    I don't want to be taken for granted. I want him to treat me like a treasure. I want a man who will open doors for me. I want him to be able to ballroom dance, too. :)

    He MUST be taller than me. I've always been partial to brown hair. I don't care what color his eyes are, but they have to be kind.

  5. I want a husband/boyfriend who will treat me just as he does his friends. I do not want to be excluded from rough activities because I am female. I want him to be compassionate and caring towards me, as well as faithful. I want him to ALWAYS love me, no matter how much I'm messed up.

    For the second question...Well, look at Leia's answer.

    I basically answered the third question in the first so...

  6. My ideal guy would be actually he would be..ummm. Well he has to be smart and at least somewhat enjoy Star Wars. I want him to be taller than me or else it's like marrying a Hobbit. :p I would like him to have dark hair and blue or green eyes preferred. And he can not be fat. And if a guy wants to make me love hime even more he can also like Lord of the Rings and make me laugh and...(hears crazy brither screaming) can tolerate my family. Looks-wise I'm not picky. Okay, what else..he has to be understanding. And likes books and lightsabers. Okay re-reading this many of the descriptions fit my little brother's best friend. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? (are you content with my response? :)

  7. Wow guys! Thanks for all the comments! I didn't expect to get so many. XD You guys must really want your blog buttons on my sidebar. You guys are amazing. Thanks so much! This is uber helful.

    @Abby-Thanks XD

  8. Let's see...

    My ideal husband must be a Christian- no exceptions! It would also be nice if he were pretty musical or else it might drive me crazy. I don't really care what he looks like.

    Oh, and he must cook good food.

    Is that good enough?

  9. @Amaranthine
    You're welcome dear..... hope it helped ;)

  10. My ideal husband has to be a Christian, because if he wasn't a Christian I'd get worried that he might distract me from God. He also has to be a Star Wars fan, simply because I don't think he'd be able to put up with me if he wasn't :p

    I don't care much what he looks like. I want him to like me for who I am, and be able to see past outward appearances, not just with me, but with everyone. I want him to be kind, and definantly respectful.

  11. Oh, I forgot, he also has to be able to help me clean house. If he helps make the mess, then its only fair that he helps clean it up.

  12. (Haha, I didn't realize everyone was answering these in the comments, so I'll just copy and paste my answer from my blog)

    Physically: darker hair, pretty eyes, a good smile, taller than me, muscular (but not necessarily beefy). Facial hair in special cases, it depends on how well they can pull it off. Basically, Commander Riker/Jonathan Frakes pretty much embodies what I go for physically in a guy. More generally, I guess you could say I go for men that are "classically handsome," e.g. someone like Paul Newman or Robert Redford. Also, a nice British Isles accent is always a plus, but not a requirement. And I generally like him to be older than me, but again that's not a requirement (but then again I've never crushed on someone who wasn't at least ten years older so...make of that what you will).

    Non-physically: Has to have a good sense of humor and make me laugh. He also has to be nerdy and like Star Wars, although preferably not one of those nerds who constantly talks about their fandom passions. I mean, I like Star Wars/Star Trek/insert-fandom-here, but it's not something I want to talk about 24/7. Has to enjoy reading and preferably also history. Needs to like music and theatre, or at least tolerate it enough to see shows with me. And above all, has to share my views on social justice; nothing is more infuriating than being friends with someone only to hear them drop something casually homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. Protip: If you have to preface your statement with "I'm not homophobic/sexist/racist/etc., but..." then you probably should just not say anything at all, because chances are you are about to say something incredibly offensive.

    Basically, I don't have a set "type" that I'm looking for. I have broad guidelines for what I find attractive and what sort of men I generally go after, and the rest is up to chance.

  13. What would MY ideal husband/boyfriend be like? Well, personally I don't want a boyfriend, I will be courted and then I'll marry. I want him to be Godly, respectful, tall, cute, and funny. Trust me, funny goes a long way.
    What would he look Pevensie!! Tall, with dirty blondish hair and dazzling sapphire blue eyes. Or Anakin Skywalker, I love him, too ;)
    What part of his character would attract would say his honesty, and his humor. I don't want a flirt, obviously, I want someone who's real, and made especially for me.
    Of course God knows exactly who that is :))
    -Jocee <3

  14. I think this idea is super great and I will enjoy answering the qustions! And I have a button! *waves hand* And I've come over from EFC's blog. :D

    First Question: My ideal husband will be manly; the push up, fist fights, heavy-duty work kinda guy; someone full of life and vigor. He'll be a reader. He enjoy the same types of films that I do. He'll be serious but not so serious that he can't be funny. :)

    Second Question: It'd be a bonus if he had black hair. :D But, anything will do. :D

    Third Question: I'm sure the thing I will be most atracted by will be his love of God and the Scriptures. That will be the most important. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  15. Ah!!!! All these answers are making me squeal with girly/romanticness. xDDD JK.

    Anyway, my ideal husband would be like my dad. Only has eyes for me. Loves me for me, is a devoted Christian, is a Star Wars Geek, wants children, and won't mind if I name them Star Wars names. xD
    He has to not mind helping cook, clean and shop, (that's like my daddy) and he needs to respect me and value my opinion. Above all he needs to love me, and love God first. :) He needs to be loyal and sweet, and romantic and make me feel special. I'd also really like if he would drive me all over creation to a homeschool convention because I am DEFINITELY homeschooling my kids. If he was homeschooled that would be nice too. ;P I want someone who will stand by me through thick and thin, and never leave my side. :)

    I love what a lot of these commenters said. I agree with a bunch of them. ;)

    He also needs to have similar political and worldly opinions as I do. I don't mind if we don't TOTALLY agree on everything, but he needs to at least respect my opinions and agree with some of them. (like my parents) Oh, and he's got to love Disney World. :P I'm gonna work there some day! Seriously I am......and then I'll live in Sanibel. He's gotta be accepting of my nut-case of a cousin (Chibi) because she's going to most likely end up living on my couch. xDDD Just KIDDING! But she does want to stay close. He needs to have a good relationship with his parents and have total respect for them. Also for my parents. ;)
    He needs to love children and pets. Namely Chickens. xD He also should like Florida, because I'm never leaving. xDD
    Looks wise, I don't really mind. Anakin Skywalker or Luke Skywalker would be really nice. ;) Heck, I even like Han Solo! xDD Jk. :P

    Alright, I hope this helps. And I really hope my mother doesn't see it. xDDD She'd probably sit down and give me a VERY long discussion about marriage and loving your husband and all that. :P I sorta just wrote all that. And whoever God chooses for me is perfect! :) These all would just be REALLY nice. xDD ;) Now put my button on your sidebar Amaranthine. :P

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