Monday, April 4, 2011

Qui's customer review

So if you'll notice, I just had my blog redesigned by Fine and Dandy Blog Designs. I mentioned to Qui that she needs what I call a "customer gush corner" on that design blog.(She calls it a "customer review section." Pssh.) I said I'd write something for it if she made one.

So here it is:

Qui is a great designer who created a beautiful and unique design in record time.  Seriously. That's like the fastest I ever heard of designers getting back to their client. So speed definitely gets some points there.

I think her order form needs to have more clues as to what her client actually wants her blog to look like. A lot of other designers ask for inspiration photos or blogs. Mine ended up more girly than I would like(partly my fault. My mom was like "there goes all your male readers.").I wanted my blog to look a little less flowery and fashiony. It's super pretty though, and I DID say to Qui to design it however she wanted. What did I expect her to do, read my mind?

Also, Qui forgot my signature at first(also my fault. I should have filled out the form instead of IM'ing her all my information at once XD.)

And some customers would probably feel uncomfortable with giving out their login information. Some designers don't need it. And Qui's designs eliminate the three-column option. I have no idea what that IS, but people like options, ya know?

So if I had to do it again, I would provide a couple reference photos(to something with more birds and butterflies). And change the kit. XD.

Bottom line-Provide reference photos, example blogs, and what you want your blog to look like.  I have no doubt Qui will do a fantastic job on your blog!

See! Pretty signature!


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! :D
    You were my first real design soooo, yea. You and Audrey were the lab...mice. (I didn't want to call you rats, so I put mice instead.)
    I wish I didn't have to ask for login information, but I'm changing a lot of the code. It's difficult for a lot of people to do. And installing it all can be quite time consuming depending on the layout.

    I think i'm going to go edit my order form now xD

  2. XD Okay! Maybe in a couple months when you don't have anybody else's to do I'll ask you to redesign it, if you don't mind.

    PS. I saw your form. XD

  3. Hmm, an interesting interview. I'm actually getting my blog redesigned too, and this makes me all the more excited! I got to see Qui's new and improved order form, and it specified exactly what I want. And now, I anticipate with and big smile and loads of cupcakes! Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Amaranthine: You can sign up now. xD I only have one request for may.
    I love doing them, so i raelly don't mind!

  5. Your blog looks awesome Amaranthine! I love it!

    If we sign up to be designed by her will she do it or do we have to pay or something? I'm curious because I'm loving her blog and yours!

    Please let me know

  6. nvm i found it.. i feel stupid now *_*


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