Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Day prankage all over the web....

Wookieepedia's and google's were my favorite. And of course The Lakehouse's.

I really need to catch up on The Clone Wars. I want to watch the two new episodes!

I'm getting my new design today! Did I tell you that already?

I should do a serious post soon.

All my writing skills for today have been used up on a very long explanation of our Lakehouse April Fools day prank.
Okay so our Lakehouse prank was us moderators created new accounts and started spazzing all over the forum, making threads go off topic and insulting each other. It was hilarious! Also, we logged in from our other moderator accounts and "warned" ourselves! I insulted myself too. We talked in text talk and freaked out some of our forum members. It's better than it sounds.

Did you play any pranks on anybody?


  1. I fail at playing pranks on anyone.
    I need to get caught up on CW, too! Although, I'm more behind than you are.
    What was Wookieepedia's prank?

  2. We don't celebrate Fools day...but I had a girl REALLY freak me out by posting that she was going to delete her blog. EEEEE!!!! I felt SO sad.

    Until I got to the end and she had a bunch of smiley faces and a explanation.

    Then I felt a little mad.


  3. XD We did the same thing. ;) I LOOOVED what happened on Lakehouse. FUN FUN FUN! xD Even if it backfired a little. ;)

  4. What was googles? o.o
    Youtube's was really awesome!!

  5. Wookieepedia was 3D!

    Google was google motion. Look it up on Youtube.

  6. LOL the Lakehouse prank was sooo much fun!!!


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