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You guys are great! I went to a Girl Scout even t today and came back and there were tons of comments. <3 You all are so sweet and helpful. I didn't know you cared so much...wipes tears from eyes. Oh yeah, I did the blog button thing, didn't I. I bet this post won't get nearly so many comments. I only have time for a short post today, so I'll def grab the buttons from you guys tomorrow.

A word of advice: Please NEVER ask someone what they are doing for their birthday. It creates the most awkward social situation ever, especially if you find out you aren't invited.

  A not so close acquaintance(who thinks she's close) kept bugging me about it. I was having a party with some friends from school, but she wasn't invited, and she kept saying. "Oh mi gosh your birthday's this weekend! What are you doing? Are you having a party?" and I was like *mumblemumble*ergherr*nothing much*mumble*.
She didn't believe me. She was like "You aren't doing ANYTHING? WE should plan something."

I was like. "ehehyeah...gotta run now. Thanks though!"

If you know someone's birthday is coming up, a simple "Happy Birthday!" works fine.

God's Princess Survey Question #2:

What are your limits for dressing modestly? Do you wear short skirts/shorts, strapless/sleeveless tops, lace, bikinis, etc? What about formal dresses that are strapless or jeans with holes or slits? What about dance costumes?

I wear tank tops, but the racer-back kind, not the strappy kind(unless it's for dance.) I don't wear bikinis, but I have worn modest tankinis. I don't have any shirts with lacy backs or sides. I have worn some short shorts in the past, however.


  1. We love you Amaranthine!!!!! You're like one of my best interweb friends. :)

    Question 2:
    Well...I wear what looks good on my body. I'm skinny I guess (not exactly by the world's standards) but not skinny enough to wear short short shorts. I wouldn't wear them anyway, they just look like underwear. My shorts are fingertip length and shorter. But not so short that the pockets aren't big enough to hold my phone/the pockets show.
    I don't wear strapless tops, but I wear strapless sundresses. I LIVE in sleeveless shirts during the summer, that way I don't have to worry about embarressing sweat stains. xD
    My jeans have holes in them that I made myself over the years. That's it.
    I do wear bikinis. In fact, I prefer them to tankinis. and I do not do one pieces, mainly because my top size is a small and my bottom size is a large, so that never works.
    Uhm and dance is the one thing where as long as I don't look like a stripper, I don't care. We don't have any guys at our dance studio so...*shrugs*.

    I'd guess I'd say in short that I'm not as modest as some or as modest as I should be and showing skin doesn't normally bother me. But I'm not a slut. xD

  2. Happy early Birthday! I know how you feel. Lake keeps bugging me to have my birthday party early so it can take place before she moves :p

    To answer the survey question, my school has a pretty strict dress code, so I usually don't buy short shorts, etc. If my school didn't have a dress code I would probably wear lacy shirts, but I would never wear a bikini or super short shorts, mostly because I wouldn't feel at all comfortable wearing that in public. I've worn a strapless dress before and I have jeans/shorts with holes and rips in them.

  3. (okay, so I definitely didn't realize we were supposed to answer these in the comments and I answered your first question on my actual blog. WHOOPSIE!)

    Well for me, I dress in what I find comfortable. Depending on my mood, this can be shorts and a T-shirt, a dress, a blouse and a skirt, etc.

    I guess I wear "short shorts" but I'm not really sure what we're qualifying as short; they're not booty shorts or whatever, just whatever's on sale at Target. And when it comes to pants I definitely go for the skinny jeans, mainly because it's easier to tuck those into boots (and boy do I love to wear boots). Plus, a good pair of skinny jeans makes me feel like I can take on the world and they make me feel hot. I don't wear jeans with rips and holes, but that's mainly because that's just not my style.

    And yeah, I definitely wear tank tops, especially in the summer when it's 234092834 degrees outside. ;)

    Concerning dresses and skirts, most of what I wear is usually around mid-thigh and I think my longest dress hits right around the knees. I like dresses and skirts because they feel freer, and longer skirts are generally more of a hassle to deal with. I have no problem with strapless dresses either; a couple of my homecoming dresses were strapless and several of my dress options for prom were strapless.

    And stuff like bikinis or V-necks or whatever are fine as well; I wear things that make me look good and make me feel confident.

    tl;dr I don't dress like a skanky ho but I also don't mind showing some leg or wearing a lower cut shirt or whatever. I'm going to wear things that flatter my body and make me feel awesome and cute and good-looking.

  4. I'm very picky when it comes to clothing. I can't stand short shorts- I'll only wear Bermudas. I loathe strapless garments and I can't stand wearing sleeveless shirts. As far as jeans go, I like durable, loose-fitting (but not too loose), non-holey ones. Nothing fancy or anything. I don't really feel comfortable in bathing suits either, so I always, always wear boarding shorts and a shirt.

  5. The only short shorts I own are the ones I wear over my one piece swimsuit. I did wear the shorts by themselves for one day at camp because I had run out of shorts. :3 I fit right in with everyone else!
    I'll wear tank tops with those thicker sleeves in the summer, but I don't like wearing them much. Worried about my bra straps showing.
    I don't wear strapless anything, so I don't wear them to formals. I have bolero jackets to use for formal dresses if needed, but I took my bolero off on Friday night because my dress was modest enough without the bolero...that was just to ensure that I wouldn't be thrown out. (there's a post coming up about that).
    The only holes in my jeans are the ones that I make accidentally. Thankfully, that hasn't happened to my favorite pairs.

  6. We (in answer to your question) never wear anything past our knees, be it skirt or pants.
    Mama and my lil sisters wear sleeveless shirts often, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing them, so the shortest I go is cap. Formal dresses, if they are straps, would have a cami on them. and if they are strapless, just aren't worn. We don't have our necklines go lower then three finger below our collar bone.
    And we don't have our boys go shirtless. Unless it is the baby, but that is different.

    Yeah about the birthday thing. But what is almost worse, is when someone you hardly know invites you!!! Its like, "uh, thanks, but I don't even know you well...." of course...I don't SAY that, but think it.

  7. Thanks for all your comments! I never expected everyone to be so awesome! :P
    @Qui-Yes. I forgot how much I dislike shorts that have the pockets sticking out of them. Ew!
    yeah, we all have different standards of modesty. But that's the whole point of my survey!
    @Satine-Yeah, I'm a little insecure about showing that much skin in public too.
    @Sarah-That's okay! I read your answer to the first question on your blog. :P YES SKINNY JEANS AND BOOTS FTW.
    @Endor-For some reason I can't stand those little jackets to wear over jackets. I wear long coats etc. over jackets.
    @EFC-I can't wear bermudas, they make me look uber short. I like capris and shorts that are about halfway up my thigh.
    @Ashley-My brothers went around the house in diapers until they were like 6 XD. And I always go to everyone's birthday parties. Free cake!

    Thanks everybody! You guys are the best.

  8. Not "Jackets to wear over jackets". I meant "Jackets to wear over dresses. And I wear long coats over dresses. DRESSES!

  9. What are your limits for dressing modestly? My limits are: must cover at least a third of my thigh, if not more, for shorts. With tank tops, if they have thick straps, I'm good. If it'sa spaghetti straps, I wear this cute little wrap thing I have if I'm going out somewhere. If I'm just lazing around the house...I don't wear the wrap. Shirts must not be see-through, at least not all the way. If you can see a vague outline of my torso, fine. But if you can see my bellybutton clearly, I put on a tank top. With jeans, I usually just wear what's comfty.

    Do you wear short skirts/shorts, strapless/sleeveless tops, lace, bikinis, etc? I don't have any skirts, except this medium length white one and a long, grey one. I have plenty of short shorts, but usually only wear them around the house or when I'm jumping on the trampoline. I wear a lot of tank tops. I own two strapless tops but barely ever wear them because they are uncomfortable. I don't have any lace...and my mom doesn't let me wear bikinis, but I wear tankinis. Tankinis= <3

    What about formal dresses that are strapless or jeans with holes or slits? I don't really have any dresses...I have two pairs of jeans with holes. I wear them all the time. ;D

    What about dance costumes? Well I'm not in dance...

  10. Hmm.. my answer for Question 2 (Sorry I missed Question 1)..

    I wear nerd stuff. I usually wear T-Shirts and shorts. My shorts aren't so short like some girls I see the the mall. Probably up to 10cm above my knee is my limit. I don't wear skirts. XD

    I plan on wearing singlets and a jacket over it if I hang out with friends because T-Shirts might look geeky around them. The singlet will cover my waist to my pants, of course. Only manga characters can show more skin than normal, in my opinion. LOL..

    Hmm, formal dresses. I don't dress formal. I usually skip formal events cos I know I'll embarrass myself in some way or another.

    I guess I'n not much of a help in answering your question cos I'm a 'stay-at-home-most-of-the-time' nerd. So I hardly dress well. ^__^

  11. Hmm, I'm rather conservative when it comes to what to wear. But no, I don't dress frumpy. To dress modestly you don't have to wear a potato sack. ;P

    I never wear anything higher then the middle of the knee. I never wear low shirts nor shirts that show your bra straps. I perfer straight jean skirts to pants or shorts, but I do now and then wear walking shorts and pants though me wearing pants has gotten kinda rare lately.

    Basically I want to hide anything that only my husband should be allowed to see. I want to honor him and God with how I dress, and IMO showing too much of your legs ect. isn't very honoring.

    I'm not comfertable wearing tight clothes or skimpy swimsuits. I usually wear shirts with sleeves just because that's what I'm most comfertable in. I'll usually wear board shorts when swimming. I would never wear a bikini.

    -Ley <3

  12. I made a mistake. I ment I never wear anything higher then the TOP of the knee, not the middle. Another thing, I NEVER wear those jean skirts that go all the way to the ankles. I just don't like them. I usually wear ones that are at knee length. In winter, I put tights underneath them to stay warm, but I hardly ever wear long, long jean skirts. But I do wear long, ankle-length dresses sometimes.

    -Ley <3

  13. I wear anything that my mother will approve. If it's a little too revealing, she'll get out the little closepins (sharp ones) and hike it up so nothing would "fall out", lol. I have worn a bikini once, but I was three years old, so it doesn't count, not to mention, I'm a competitive swimmer, so I wear one pieces that are extremely brand name. I don't really have a "go out and get noticed" swimsuit.
    I admit I've never worn a formal dress (or any dress for that matter) that is strapless. Straps are essential for me, and I like them.
    I don't wear dance costumes very much, because I grew out of them, so I'm probably the easy-going-safe-skinny jeans, plaid tee with converse girl ;)
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I'm loving this series so far!!

  14. Besides not being allowed, I don't wear short shorts- like, the if you're wearing a longish shirt it looks like you don't have any pants on kind :P At the shortest, mid-thigh. Exnay on the short-skirt-ay too.

    EDIT: I *do* have ONE pair of short-shorts, but I only wear them out of the house in the summer when it's actually necessary :P

    Stapless tops not so much, but if I were doing something formal or whatever I could wear a strapless dress probably-- I wear tanks all the time, but only in public if it's summer. Otherwise I'd throw something over said tank ;)

    I NEVER wear bikinis. In fact, I've always worn one-piece swimsuits and the last time i went swimming I threw some super-short shorts on and a tank over. Call me weird.

    Honestly, I would LOVE some ripped-up jeans, and I do have one pair of jeans that came with some little rips on purpose.

    Dance costumes: I take ballet and wear a leotard and tights about six hours a week or so, so I have NO qualms about wearing that stuff in the dance studio-- my ballet school is part of the Royal Academy of Dance, so none of the girls are ever put in bikinis or anything provocative. The only thing is that the Arabian dancer for Nutcracker gets a bikini-ish top..... but yeah :P

    Good questions, girl. I enjoy talking about them here :]

  15. PS I also avoid even miniscule cleavage if I can help it-- I know, it sounds like I wear a potato sack, but I promise I don't, at least not on weekends XD

    If I wear anything that makes me feel too... feminine... I guess, I feel uber-duber vulnerable and kinda sort of freak out. I would never wear something to "get noticed" that would kill me-- what the heck, most of the time all you can see of me are jeans and a HUGE, bulky black Converse jacket. (see pics of me and my board from my blog). Yup, that's me! XD

  16. I am a tomboy when it comes to clothing. I wear t-shirts and jeans. I don't really like tanks. My frien likes short shorts that a really tiny but mt shorts are usually quite long. I'm pretty modest. I do like dresses though.

  17. My family (and church) is careful in the way we women dress. We wear long skirts (always below the knees, but they don't have to touch the ground.)(though most of my skirts hit my ankles). I always wear shirts with sleeves. Clothes with holes, low neck lines, and body form are not even thinkable in our household. So, my shirts are always close to my neck and loose.

    The reason we dress like this is because so many men today are being stumbled by the way women dress (even some of our family members struggle with it). So we are very careful in what we wear. :)

    So, that's my answer to your second question! Can't wait for the next one!

    ~Jamie Joyce

  18. Love you Amaranthine!!!!!!! I'm getting caught up on Blogger. :P SO MANY POSTS!!!!!! :D

    Okay! Here goes. ;)
    I wear shorts a lot. But all my shorts go to the edge of my knee. NEVER shorter. My skirts it depends. I have several "prairie" style skirts that go to my ankles, but also a few that just go to my knee. ;) I have jeans, but I only wear them during late fall/winter. Florida is too hot for jeans all year round (don't tell Chibi that, she LIVES in Jeans and a Jacket). xDD I have several dresses. Most of them are sundresses that are sleeveless, but I have a little jacket thing that I wear over them. ( I don't know what it's called. xD)
    Shoes I usually wear flip flops, because I hate closed toed shoes. I love Crocs now though. xDD
    I dislike t-shirts that choke my neck. xD I have one v-neck and it goes only a LITTLE TEENY way down. ;) Most of my shirts are comfortable and I wear a tank top underneath.
    Dance costumes I have no choice. XD
    I like to keep my clothes modest, and I want to stay that way. All my swim suits are one-pieces (actually, I have one that's a skirt with a tank top thing over it) and I like to keep my body private. No one needs to look at it. :P I don't like clothes that are skin tight either. :P
    I hope this helps. :P I was sort of ranty there.....xD
    Oh, and Happy Early Birthday!!!!!!! :D

  19. I dress extremely modestly. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like guys looking at me like some slut.
    I have never in my life worn a short skirt. I don't want to either, to be honest. I mean, if you sit down... Ugh. Yeah, I don't like the idea of short skirts.
    When I was little, (like 8), I would where short shorts occasionally. By the time I was nine, I felt that it was too revealing (I started early with this whole modesty thing). I've only worn short shorts a couple of times since, but in the privacy of my own home. I really, REALLY don't like strapless tops. Over half the time they show way too much cleavage... As far as I go is an occasional strapless dress that goes a little past knee length. And then I put this little crop jacket it over it.
    I will occasionally wear a sleeveless top. Not like the spaghetti straps... Oh no. I use those tanks for layering only. When I saw sleeveless, I mean a shirt thats sleeves cut off mid shoulder. I personally don't like strappy tanks because you can't perfectly see your bra strap. No thanks!
    I personally don't own any shirts with lace on it. It feels to risqué.
    I have never worn a bikini and I never will. Here's how I think of it: It's like wearing a bra and under wear in public. It's disgusting. If your going to wear a bikini, put some shorts and tank over it. And since I'm on the topic of swim suits anyway, I would just like to say that even if I wear a one piece, I like to wear shorts and a tank over it.

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