Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm suffering from a major case of follower-envy(cough-Qui). How does she do it? Tell me!
Well, to be honest, my mind hasn't been on my blog because I'm on vacation right now and can only post a little bit.

But when I get home....
When I get'll see! :P

Today we are going to see the giant redwoods. :D

Hey, I have good news for you!
I am FINALLY getting good at video games.

I am really bad at video games because I never get to play them. We don't have consoles at our house. But yesterday in Bomberman Land I won 4 rounds instead of the usual zero. And in Brawl yesterday, out of the five rounds Zel and I played together against my brothers, we won four.  We found out that Marth and Sheik are good to be on one team, as opposed to 2 Sheiks.And after I won a game, I had to fight one of the CPU bosses(Sonic) and I beat him. Also, by mistake for one round I had to be on my own team against my brothers and Kirby.  I didn't win that one.

Follower envy. :(

People in our blogosphere used to ask me for advice and stuff because I had more followers and I've been on longer.  But now what has become of me? :'(

I'm going to go listen to Viva La Vida again now.

PS. Seriously, how does Qui do it???? She had sixty something YESTERDAY when I IM'd her. >.>

Maybe I should join more forums to promote myself. I really don't like doing that though. When I first joined, I promoted myself relentlessly. Now that I have a few, I don't feel like I have to throw my blog at people anymore. That doesn't mean I don't like followers though!!

I will start uploading pictures to show you guys when I get back. Ever since I got my new huge memory card, I feel no need to upload any pictures. I have pictures from February on there right now.


  1. :D Can't wait for pictures!!

    Ugh, I've got minor follower envy. Endor's got two more followers than me!!! Just two! :P Qui's got like....sixty something, and you've got like, fifty something! XD


    Have fun with video games!!! :D

  2. I honestly don't know how I do it. *cough* I don't even promote myself anymore.

    And you need to post more! You haven't posted as much as you used to. D:

  3. I've got follower envy, too. :3

    Three more followers than you, my dear Jedi~Chick. :P

  4. I only have 30 followers. -_-

    How does she do it? That's a good question. ;)

    I was so excited for my 30th follower, but after seeing how many everyone else gets........ XD I need to work on not being that way...but it is just SO HARD, ya know?

    -Leia (who is lazy)

  5. I totally understand about the follower envy. Whenever I tell people about my blog and they say they'll follow (but never do), I'll see them a few weeks later and they'll say something like "Oh... I forgot. Can I have the link again?" or "I couldn't figure out how." Either my friends are the most computer illiterate people on the planet or something's wrong with my blog. I can't figure out which. It's not difficult, really! I mean, even my grandma was able to follow!

  6. I only have 19 followers. I have no idea how y'all guys get so many.

    But I don't really try and promote myself too much, so maybe that's why.


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