Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review Wednsday: Republic Commando: Triple Zero

I post reviews, because I enjoy writing and reading reviews. I could spend all day looking at reviews. Of anything. Movies, books, cell phones. Even if I will never watch/read/use them, I love reading reviews.
 Ok, on to mine.

I just read Republic Commando: Triple Zero by my favorite author in the world, Karen Traviss. I was a little skeptical because I don't read pre-ANH books. 

It was pretty mind-blowing. Traviss's favorite thing is to explore moral dilemmas through fiction, and she does just that in this book. She's also a really funny writer, so this book happens when the clones are technically off-duty, and it's more lighthearted and more funny.

Triple Zero tells the story of the Omega and Delta squads on Coruscant, fighting terrorists. Sergeant Kal Skirata(one of the main protagonists), Jedi General Etain,  and his "son" Null Arc Ordo, fight alongside them. It's a lot of fun to watch them iron out their differences and learn to work together. Things get darker when it becomes apparent that the clone situation, at least among Omega and Delta squads and Etain, is becoming more unsteady. 

The moral dilemma she explores with her Republic Commando series is this: How can the Republic's conscience bear to use a slave army? How can the clones stay sane, knowing that they're giving their lives for a Republic where they can't even vote, much less get paid. How can the Jedi say that they fight for freedom and peace, when they lead slaves to their deaths every day? (She might have gone a little overboard with this theme, I found it beginning to get a little annoying.)

Karen's specialty is making people think and cry. I didn't cry in this book, but I almost did.

Oh! Plus! You can read this series without reading anything else first. Just start at Hard Contact and go!

Another thing. This series is missing the end, because Karen had issues with Lucasfilm and refused to write the final book, so the fate of EVERYTHING in this series is undecided(but may be picked up later.)

I strongly recommend reading this series. It'll really make you think. (Or laugh, if you're not really into thinking.)

This is a little confusing, so hang in there! Definitely worth the read. 
 Quotes: Some of my best quotes of the day are from this series.

"The nice thing about the alphabet, ma'am, is that it gives you plenty of plans to choose from."
―Fi to Etain Tur-Mukan[src]

"Cheer up, still got E through Z plans." "One day, Fi, I'm going to give you a good slap."
―Fi and Darman[src]
Sev: "Boss..."
Boss: "Problem, Sev?"
Sev: "You, Boss..."
―RC-1207 and RC-1138[src]
Scorch: "I think Sev might have an anger problem."
Sev: "I think you have an intelligence problem."
―RC-1262 and RC-1207[src]
 Yeah, it's a pretty twisted sense of humor. But maybe that's why I like it so much.


  1. Sounds good!!! I saw these at Barnes and Noble, I was just at my local one the other day, and I was looking at these books. Sounds like I have yet another book to add to my long list of "Books I need". Good Reveiw Amaranthine!!

  2. The book sounds quite interesting, I might read one at some point. I prefer to read books set in the Clone Wars era, so this sounds cool. And those quotes are funny. Very funny. Scorch has a great sense of humor.

    -Barriss :-D

  3. I probably won't get around to reading these for a while. I have so many other books I need to read. =)

    -Leia <3

  4. Those books were SO GOOD! I really hope she writes the last book in the series; I have to know what happens to everyone!

    The only book were I cried was Order 66. What she said did spark my mind in thinking. I've started questioning the motives of the Jedi Order, now.

  5. I loved reading these books! Triple Zero just so happened to be my favorite also, behind True Colors.

    I like your new badge too. Did you add the lightsaber effect and everything?

  6. I love it Amaranthine! could you do a review on Order 66... it is for school... if you don't mind... i need to read it before Monday... :P Thanks Amaranthine! May the Force be with you...


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