Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random post day

I had a lot of random things to post, because I had things I wanted to tell you, but they didn't fit into the theme of any of my other post. So I'm posting a special post just for that collection.

So how's my life?
I avoid posting about my personal life on here, because that's not really what I want my blog to be about. But...hello! I'm feeling especially cheery today. Why, you ask?

Okay, so today I got up and walked downstairs to turn on my computer, because I live on the internet. 

My dad surprised me with a new monitor! 
You see, I've been begging for a new monitor for quite some time now.  This one was a super big, nice, one, that could eat my former monitor for breakfast. 
But wait! There's more!
He installed something I really wanted on my computer, this thing which lets you split your screen between two monitors! Your mouse can move in between them, and work in two windows at once. 

Guess which one is the new one. 
Well actually from this angle, they both look like the could be about the same size, but the one on the right is much bigger in real life.
You can see where the window is split between the two monitors. Cool! I'm still happy about it(tip: if you know someone who lives online, then give her something new to plug into her computer for Christmas.)

Actually, the prime reason I wanted a bigger(not necessarily split-screen) monitor was so I could display this: 
This is one of the widest backgrounds I had ever seen, and it definitely wouldn't fit on my small monitor, at least not in its full glory. It works great on this one, though.

Next up: I found the perfect rock song to describe my book. 

This is an AMV for the song. I didn't really watch the video, just listened to the music.



  1. Awesomeeeee! :D Yay people who live online!!

  2. Coooooool! Split screen monitors! Pretty cool! =D =D

    -Leia <3

  3. Whoa!! That is Plo Kool!!!! That screen is huge!!

    -Barriss :-D


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