Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why not

..instead of telling our kids "don't do drugs, drink alcohol, go to parties, etc." we teach them how to make mature, responsible decisions?

..instead of saying "don't watch R rated movies, listen to bad music, or go on inappropriate websites" we tell them to be careful of what they put in their minds and to glorify God every moment of the day?

..instead of  "don't say 'hell' '*bleep*', 'crap', 'insert bad word here',", we teach them to always speak with love and that their mouths are indications of what's in their hearts?

..instead of saying "don't lie, ever" say that God knows what's in their hearts?

..instead of saying "don't spend money on everything" or "you NEED to give money to poor people" say that we are all temporary stewards of what God gave us and we will be judged for what we do with it?

..instead of saying "don't date, kiss, or have sex"  we say that they should save ALL their purity for their future spouse?

Wouldn't be nice if, instead of people telling us that it's ALL RIGHT to just NOT do bad things, we all have a perfect plan and it's our JOB to carry it out?

Because there's a DIFFERENCE between just saying NO to the world's plan and saying YES to God's plan!


  1. I love you. That was awesome. Thanks for the encouragement and the awesomeness, girlfriend. I'm gonna remember this post. *bookmarks it quickly*

  2. Amaranthine....that was....sooo....inspriring....i just....can't...i don't have....any words...

  3. Wow!!!! That was great!!! So true Amaranthine! So true!! Very, very good post!!!!
    Jedi~Chick <3


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!