Friday, December 10, 2010

I have lots of post ideas, believe me....

But after writing essays for the whole morning I'm not in the mood to unleash my creative literary genius on you all. So....

On Audrey's blog they're talking about hair. I love hair. I have normal asian hair. That''s kind of depressing.
Everybody else has so many different beautiful shades of brown, blond, auburn, everything.

We just

Unless you're one of those Korean/Hong Kong preppy chicks with the super-pale skin and multicolored hair and fancy clothes.
Like so.

That reminds me. People think us Asians are all the same. No, we're not. (Are you Japanese? I'm Chinese. Can you speak Japanese? No, I tell you.) And there's a whole lot of Japanese envy around America. Everyone wants to be Japanese, go to Japan, blah. 
What about us Chinese people? 
The fashion capital of the world is in Hong Kong, not Japan. We were writing on paper when everyone else was still wearing leaves.

So there's my post about not much. Got to go write essays.



  1. I'm Filipino! Asians UNITE!!

    I know there's this big Japanese thing going on... *shrugs*

    I understand your hair thing, believe me... mine looks black, but if I bleached it it would be red, oddly enough. But seriously, I worship anyone who has lighter hair than I do :P

  2. I'm totally white. Just scottish (and only by my roots), yaaay. Boo...D; I have this secret that I wish i was japanese. Just so I can pull of the preppy japanese school girl look. xD This is what I get for reading too many mangas.

  3. Oh and about hair. I want to dye mine red so badly. People say i really should cause it would look good. Like an auburn. Kinda like mara's hair!

  4. Hey, guys. It doesn't matter how you look. Amaranthine, I really wasn't trying to make you feel bad! I just wanted some people's opinions!

  5. I'm Irish, so I wouldn't know much about China or Japan. -_-

    To tell you the truth, I love the Chinese people's black hair. I had a friend with /real/ black, curly hair. I thought it was prettier then brown hair.

    I know what you mean about it always being about Japan and not China. In all the movies, they are always Japanese and never Chinese. I wonder why...

    -Leia <3

  6. Hello! Has anyone seen the new Karate Kid? That little girl was adorable! :P

  7. I'm mostly Italian, with some Irish and Scottish mixed in.

    And that is very odd how no one really mentions China in movies, just Japan. Maybe it's because they think Japan is more "modern". I don't get it....

    I think having black hair is really cool, sometimes I wish my hair was black.

    No Alex, I haven't seen it, but I really want to.

    -Barriss :-D

  8. Why don't people talk about New Zealand and Suriname more?


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