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I have a billion posts in "draft" stage right now

...because I have no idea what to post.

Email me at know today was supposed to be Random SW Tuesday, but someone decided she doesn't like the EU, so I'm a little depressed/repressed.(we will convert you! Read Allegiance if you ever decide to try EU again, Savannah.)

Since NaNo is over, I'll write more about my story. 
I created a universe, but I don't want to make it a "series" series, where you have to read everything in order. There will be more in this universe though. (I didn't make it for nothing.)
My NaNo profile summary:
This is a war novel. It centers arou
d two wars. One is an insignificant little war that is VERY significant to the two countries fighting it. The other is a battle that Amaranthine Parast is fighting against herself, and her dark past. One war must be resolved before the other can be won.
Melida Daan rescued Amaranthine Parast(yes, we have the same name) from a life of misery and starvation on the streets. Or did she? Still poor and living in the city, 17 year old Maran suffers from depression, restlessness, and usual teen hormone changes. Destiny(along with Melida's mercenary daughter, Shaeema) interferes, and Maran finds herself on a crazy quest to discover her real family. Maran meets her sister Dician, a adventurous and determined girl who is also Maran' s best friend. Together, they find themselves the ruler of a restless nation on the brink of war. Decisions are around every corner, and sometimes, neither choice leads to good consequences. Will they find their way or be lost forever? Can Maran's negative past shape a positive future?
This war cannot be won. It is only a question of how much each side is willing to lose.
Things must be broken before they are rebuilt.

This is pretty dark. So I'll show you an excerpt from the lightest part of the story, which has absolutely nothing to do with the main plot whatsoever.(you're welcome.) Abby, if we ever get together to do a game show, then Zahra would be a contestant.

Melida was getting really worried. Maran had been out for several hours now. She sulked, but previously not that long.  And there weren't many places they could go. Maran and Melida hardly knew anyone here.

Melida commed for the millionth time. No answer. Melida had gone out to look for Maran. She had called everywhere Maran would go, and even some places Melida knew Maran would not go. She had called everyone. Except-
Melida sighed. Maran was gone. And Melida could think of only one more person who could possibly help.
Melida grimaced. This was not going to be pretty.

Melida had sworn long ago that the only reason she would go see Zahra Arranda again was insanity. Well, this was close enough. Melida thought that Zahra was the most close-to-insane person she had ever met. Zahra was spoiled, rich, and had some of the most bizarre tastes. But she was also brilliant, loyal, and had an extremely useful talent. And most importantly-she could help. To begin with, she was the youngest daughter of one of Marahasia's most famous family. The Arrandas had 18 children. The oldest was 38.
The real interesting part was that each Arranda brother, sister, wife, offspring was in a different walk of life. From government to athletics to science to performing arts to military, there was one or two Arrandas making headlines in every field, building an enormous information network simply by  gossip exchanged between family members. 
What Melida didn't understand was how Zahra could build an information empire out of distilled gossip and random tips. Another thing Melida couldn't understand was how Zahra was so wildly successful at it. Zahra was famous-not in the cultured world, that would detract from her effectiveness-but on the fringe, Zahra was well known. Melida had heard of her professionally, and when Melida moved to K.T, she had visited.
That had been enough.
Here was the place. Melida stopped at the imposing fortress-like stucture. The gate was open. Melida walked up the stony path musing on the overgrown garden. This gloomy place looked like it could belong to-who knows, a decrepit crimelord?-but definitely not to a half-insane 18 year old.
"She has 17 older siblings. What do you expect?" Melida grumbled as she waited for the door to open." An invisible seam opened in the gray durasteel front "door".
"I've heard of needing a place to escape, but this is ridiculous."
Melida stepped in. It was pitch black. "Hello?"
"Just follow the lights." said a cheerful voice.
Just like on a movie set, dim lights gradually came on to illuminate a HUGE room. It was mostly long and metal, decorated by the eccentric whims of its owner. It was rather like an audience chamber, with a large dais at the end. One wall was lined with huge mirrors, the other with portraits. A long engraving at the top said "The Arranda Family". There was a very out of place, comfortable seating area. The dais was inset into a large alcove, and above it was a huge screen. Within the carpeted alcove itself were some of the most state of the art computer  and encryption systems Melida had ever seen, along with a bunch more equipment. Sitting in front of all of them, ("like the queen of Techno-world", Melida thought) in a large comfy chair, was a slight red-gold haired girl with a amused expression in her emerald eyes. "Hi, Melida!" she called out. "Welcome to the place."
"Charmed."murmured Melida, who had just noticed the fact that there were no windows. It had changed so much. "I guess you've been busy."
"Just basic stuff. " Zahra considered. "Jobs, decrypting jobs, sisters dropping kids off for a visit.."
Melida raised an eyebrow. This whole family was nuts. "They let you babysit their kids? "
Zahra looked slightly offended. "What's the matter? I"m here all the time, and I'm cheaper. Besides, isn't that what most teenagers do? Babysit?"
"Yeah, they don't all have their own fortresses either." Melida muttered.
"What was that?"
"Never mind."
Come on, the inside of Melida urged her.Do what you came here for! Maran's missing, and you don't want to spend all day talking!
I didn't
want to come at all."Seems like if you had so much information, you'd protect it a little more, and not let people go as they pleased..."
Zahra laughed. "Oh, guaranteed, I don't just let people walk in. I have all kinds of weapons and traps-mostly my own inventions-that it would take all day to show you."
"So where are they?"
"They're all hidden, Melida , all hidden. Plus, do you see any other way in or out of this room?
Melida looked around. There were no other visible doors."What did you say this place used to be before you moved in?
"Old Kuati embassy."
"You have been busy!"
Zahra threw up her hands. "Well what did you expect me to do? My family dumped me here to keep me out of trouble! What did they think I was going to do??!"
Start an info empire was at the top of my list
, Melida thought. "Tell me, did you go outside at all?"
Zahra shivered. "I don't like outside. There are things out there. Like...trees..and fresh air...and other people."
Melida shook her head.
"Seriously! I'd rather people be just 3" by 3" pictures on my computer. It's weird when they're...there."
Zahra flopped back in her chair suddell?"
Melida took a deep breath. "I-"
"Wait!" Zahra dived off her chair and into a cabinet. She came up holding five chocolate bars. She put four in her lap, and began unwrapping one. "Go ahead."
"Zahra, I need your help."
Zahra nearly spit out her candy, and Melida's stomach turned.
"Wait a minute! You-need my help?"
Melida sighed. "Yes, you see-"
"Melida Daan, who swore that she would never see me again unless-"
So she did remember. "Yes,  I know"
"Who called me a spoiled, rich-"
"YES! Consider me humiliated. But-"
"Will you shut up and let me revel in my position for a moment!" Zahra opened a third chocolate bar-"who had nothing to do  with my time?"
Zahra finished laughing and abruptly put on her business face. "So. What do you need?"
"My daughter-"
nly. "So, Melida, it's been really fun chatting, but tell me- did you come for any reason at a
"Wait a min. Which daughter?"
"Maran. The one that lives with me?"
"Ah. Go on."
"She disappeared, and I tried calling her a million times, and I looked everywhere, and-"
Zahra held up both hands. "Spare me frantic mothers." She stood up and threw away the remains of the fifth chocolate bar. "It looks like I will  have to go outside this time." She sighed, and pushed an invisible button. A panel slid open in the wall revealing a garage with a gleaming speeder.
"Hop in. You can tell me more on the way."
"Where are we going?"
"Akared Airport."
"Why-oh, never mind." Melida shook her dazed head and climbed in. "Before we go any further, can I ask how much this is going to cost me?"
Zahra let out a noise that sounded halfway between a snort and an snicker. "Melida, do you know how ridiculous that sounds?"
"You live in a little refurbished guard shack. I have all the money and everything else I could ever want, and you're asking me how much money you should give me?"
Melida frowned. "I-"
Zahra shook her head. "I don't charge poor, old widows. End of story."
"No, I insist. And what do you mean, old-"
Zahra shook her head more vehemently. "No. Anything else would be like stealing. I'll help you find Maran, and you can try saying nicer things about people."
Melida felt unusually embarrassed. "Thank you."she said, softly. "And you're not so naive that you don't know that there are people who wouldn't hesitate to charge the life out of me, right?"
There was a moment of sentimental silence. Then Zahra grinned, reached into a compartment, unwrapped another candy bar, and popped it into her mouth. The whole thing. In seconds.
Melida groaned. This was going to be a long trip.

 Yes, Zahra shares my rabid obsession with chocolate. What do you think? This novel isn't a knockoff of anything, so it's pretty clear copyright-wise. Unfortunately, I don't think it's very good. At least this passage isn't. But I can't show you any more. Too many spoilers.

I love Zahra. I'm going to do a book about her and her eighteen brothers and sisters.

I need post ideas, somebody! Email or comment me something(anything) you have a question about or want me to post about.

 Maybe I'll do a stalker-training program. You guys need it. Well, except for Abby.

PS. Word of encouragement to those needing it. Blogs always take a long time to get off the ground. If you'll look at my earliest posts, you'll see that I had no idea what to post either.

PPS. And no one was reading what I wrote for, like, the first two months.



  1. was that PS thing at the end for me?

  2. Hee hee :)

    LOVED the excerpt :D


    Haha, stalker training program. I'd still sign up! Haha...

    We gotta figure out how to do a virtual blog game show... with words? pictures?

    Hm. Right smack-dab in the middle of your excerpt I suddenly imagined Zahra and Chance in said game show and started cracking up.

    I have two million posts in draft stage right now. So. There. Most of them are book reviews, though....

    maybe you could post character bios for characters from your story! an ode to randomness is always appreciated, don't forget. pick a random draft and just do it. we'll like whatever you give us!


  3. Your novel is very well written!! Very interesting!! And I'd like to give you an idea for a post, but I'm stumped myself. But AWESOME novel, Amaranthine!!!

    -Barriss :-D

  4. I absolutely love the character of Zahra!! Hee, anyway. Its ok if you don't ilke your book. As John Green said in his pep-talk, all three of his published books he considers failures (despite their popularity.) Its just something an author naturally thinks, and I don't think anything could ever change it.
    Seriously i could go on writing this book forever because theres so many things i want to happen and I want the story to "get good."

    Oh and PS: I'm sorrrrrry, i'm just a purist I guess. And knitpicky about the characters.

  5. I loved it!!!!!!!
    Zahra rocks! I also really like Melida Daan's name. ;)
    I would totally sign up for the stalker program. Haha.
    I have no ideas for blog hasn't been updated for almost a week. :3

  6. I don't need the stalker program. I'm already one. Hehe Anyway good story! I like the name Zahra! Everytime I read it, I thought of Timothy Zahn. LOL Cause Zahra is sorta like the name Zahn.

    -Leia <3


  7. oh and btw....the button for savannahs blog? it leads to a blog called manic mother. might wanna fix that.

  8. Haha Leia. Stalker program, sounds great!! Lol.
    Amaranthine, that was so great. I loved it! Zahra sounds like such an awesome character!!!! I feel the same way about my story, despite what my friend and only proof reader says, I think my book is boring and kinda lame. Then again, it was only my first shot at writing a full novel, and I wasn't exactly prepared. I'm still learning, but the good thing was that I really enjoyed writing it!! Great Job Amaranthine!!

  9. Melida Daan? LOL! Love it.

    Seriously? No one else caught that? And you call yourselves EU fans... ;D

  10. Melida Daan? LOL! Love it.

    Seriously? No one else caught that? And you call yourselves EU fans... ;D

  11. Ha! You recognized it! Isn't it preettty! too pretty a name to waste on a planet of bickering clunkheads.

  12. Oops, double post. So does that make this a triple post?



  13. I don't reconize the name... I've read several of the books, but...I still don't reconize it. Melida Daan? This is going to drive me crazy!

    -Leia <3

  14. It's a random obscure Star Wars planet. Appears in couple of the Jedi Quest/Apprentice books and in 1(one)New Jedi Order, mentioned only. I love obscure SW names.

  15. I thought I knew that name from somewhere!!!! Now I remember, I've read it in Jedi Quest and Apprentice books. Cool!! I love it even more now that I remember!!

  16. I caught it! That's why I said, "I also really like Melida Daan's name. ;)"
    I was first. ;)


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