Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random SW Tuesday

 I'm going to run out of my stash soon...well, until then:

Things SW Characters would never say:
Obi-Wan: This time I'm going to defeat all of the droids myself without getting saved by Anakin or anyone else.

Anakin: Meh. It was just a dream. *Goes back to sleep*  

Luke(during Destiny's Way): Jacen, I think you really oughta see a counselor.

Kyp: *thoughtful* you know, sometimes I dream about puppies 

Star Wars Ending: There was peace...finally!

Jacen in YJK: I hate trying to make you laugh, Tenel Ka, so I'm going to stop telling stupid jokes.

I'm sure I showed this to you before..oh well, it's awesome. 


"Nobody expects Admiral Daala! My chief weapon is surprise, surprise and Star Destroyers, Star Destroyers and surprise—my two weapons are Star Destroyers and surprise, and ruthless efficiency—my three weapons are Star Destroyers and surprise and ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Empire—my four…no, amongst my weapons…Amongst my weaponry are such elements as Star Destroyers, surp—oh, I'll just stay in this cluster of black holes." ―The fearsome might of Admiral Daala

"There's a Wookiee behind me? Riiiiiight. Like I'm gonna fall for that."

I just know I repeated some of these......
You know you're an EU fan when...

If you quote Ganner when playing HALO or Perfect Dark. "None shall pass!"

If you tried to come up with a last name for Zekk. 

When you look at the cover of Invincible and automatically start plotting out how the lightsaber battle could have gone to put Jaina in such an awkward pose. 

he phrase 'refresher course' has taken on a whole new meaning for you  

One thing I'll NEVER run out of is quotes...I have lists and lists of them. 

Wedge: "I don't like this notion of dovin basal mines that pursue you."
Han: "Me, either. I'm going to draft a strongly worded letter to the Yuuzhan Vong high commander and insist he stop using them."
Wedge Antilles and Han Solo[src]
good idea.....wonder how that's going to turn out.

Vau: "We were having a philosophical discussion, as Mandalorians often do, and I asserted that the only demonstrable reality was individual consciousness, but he insisted on the existence of a priori moral values that transcended free will. So I hit him."
Zey: "You think you're so witty."
Vau: "No, I think you should stay out of Mando clan business."
Walon Vau, explaining Kal Skirata's injuries to Jedi General Arligan Zey[src]
Mandos rule.  Mandokarla!

Jaren: "How did you do that?"
Nyl: "Uh... Oh, you know. Years of training, that type of thing. Solitude. Heavy medication."
Jaren: "You mean meditation right?"
Nyl: "That too."
Jaren and Darca Nyl[src]
The secret to the force.
Chief engineer: "Sir, we've identified the trouble. The engineering compartments are swarming with, well, saboteur droids."
Zsinj: "Would you like to try again?"
Chief engineer: "Standard MSE-6 utility droids, sir. They've gone mad or been reprogrammed. With their internal tools, they're opening access hatches, chewing their way into wire clusters, sending false data, dragging chips out of their housings. All in the hyperdrive systems."
Zsinj: "And what are you doing about this?"
Chief engineer: "We're, uh, kicking the things to pieces with our boots, Warlord."
—The chief engineer of Iron Fist and a baffled Warlord Zsinj[src]
I commend you for your creativity and for taking initiative.

Kneesaa: "Keep the monster busy."
Teebo: "Keep it busy? What does she want us to do? Play Monopoly with it?"
―The Ewoks try to deal with a kradak[src]
  Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 wupiupi.

Friday is Wear and Share Star Wars day! I gotta think of a new post for that...... 
See you! Someday......i


PS. I'm going to Legoland, CA on Saturday. I live near there, but I haven't been there in a year! Anyone else been there? Hopefully I'll buy something from the store and get a free holiday brick. They have a bunch of lego star wars stuff. I'll take pictures for you!



  1. Nice post, Amarathine. And no, I've never been to Legoland. I've never been any further West than Texas. I'll look forward to those pictures though.

    -Leia <3

  2. Hee hee, that "Star Wars Ending" made me laugh :P

    Ooh, have fun at Legoland! Bring something back for me, okay? lol.

    Pictures! We like pictures! Take pictures!

    PS i like your new button ;)

  3. Whoops. Buttons, plural. I like your buttons.


  4. The star wars ending one was my favorite. xDDDD

  5. My brother would die if he could go to Legoland. I'm content with the Lego Store at our mall. :D

    Take pictures! :D

  6. I love all your quotes, they are so funny!!
    Have fun in Legoland!! I'll be wearing and sharing SW on Friday. :)
    I think SW ending or the Anakin quote are my favorites.
    Jedi~Chick <3

  7. Haha! I wish there was always a wookie standing behind me!

  8. I love these posts. "It was just a dream." LOL!

    Enjoy your trip.


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