Friday, December 3, 2010

Super mini post!

I'm so I read the first half of Vortex at the bookstore while I was there. Then I had to leave...I can't wait to go back and read the second half! 
Even though Fate of the Jedi has failed to make me cry, laugh, or stay up at night worrying about the plot so far.
But it's got kriffing Jaina Solo in it! :D
Thirty-one years old and as awesome as ever!


  1. 31?!? Wow. That's a little too far in advance for me!!
    Haha, I would so do that, just sit in the bookstore, steal their Wi-Fi, read unpurchased books....;) I'm going beg my mom to take me back!!!!!! Lol,

  2. Yay for Jaina! I wonder if her and Jag will ever marry.......

    Man, that sounds like fun, Jedi~Chick. I outta convince my mom to let me do that!

    -Leia <3

  3. I know, right?

    I love Jaina/Jag, but it's getting a little tiring too. They've been dating for 11, 12 books now?

  4. Kriffing, lol. Is it pathetic that I occassionaly use that in REAL life? :P

  5. They need to either marry them already or have them offically break up. Because I know that ***spoiler*** they were engaged and broke up later***end spoiler*** =P I kinda wish Zekk would marry her. I love him in the YJK books.

    -Leia <3

  6. I know. I read like, all the books.

    Yeah, but Zekk's involved with that Taryn Zel from Invincible

    Things I Know About Taryn:
    She has a big mouth
    She's a brat
    She's rich.

    Taryn: "In the meantime, why don't you show me around, handsome? My name's Taryn."
    Zekk: "Maybe we can do that later...Taryn. Right now, I'd like to hear what Her Majesty has to say."
    Taryn: "Later is good, too. But don't disappoint me. We have a date."
    ―Taryn Zel and Zekk(Invincible)


  7. Oh, and *SPOILERS*

    in vortex she gets re-engaged again. So this would make the SECOND reconciliation.

    I feel like banging my head against the table.

  8. Haha.. I'll have to read this! I've been starved from a great book for too long.

  9. YAY!!!! So excited. Today, my mom bought me Heir to the Empire and Dark Force Rising. I also checked The Courtship of Princess Leia out from the library. Can't wait to start reading!!!!! Amaranthine, I'm going to go and look at your guide to the EU post again, because I'm still a little confused! ;)


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!