Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wish I was famous...

..for the 37th time today. I don't want to be celebrity-famous, I want to be reputation-famous like Tracy Duncan from Club Jade. Just as Karen Traviss is my author-idol, Tracy Duncan is my internet-idol.

Because then I could interview people. I like interviewing people a lot, I'm just really shy about it. I actually worked up the nerve to ask Daniel Wallace(author of The Jedi Path, some short stories, and The Essential Guides) some questions on his blog, after he left a comment on mine.

He was really, really nice about it. Here are the questions I asked and his answers.

Me: Which do you enjoy writing more? Short stories or reference guides? Are you going to write a novel anytime soon?
Mr. Wallace:Thanks Amaranthine! Regarding short stories, I love writing them and have had a couple published, but my real talent lies in collecting info and organizing that to tell non-fiction stories. So I actually love the opportunity to work on encyclopedias and other reference guides. Not to say I wouldn't love to write more short stories, or even a novel if I had the opportunity. 

Me: How did you come up with the idea for The Jedi Path? What did you predict for its reception? 
Mr. Wallace: The Jedi Path has so far outperformed my expectations. The idea was collaboratively developed with me, becker&mayer, and Lucasfilm, and the fan reaction has been great. It's been great riding the wave since it was released in September and right now we're exploring ideas for a potential follow-up. 

Me: To what extent is your work with Her Universe?
Mr. Wallace:I've been lucky to work with Ashley at Her Universe behind-the-scenes a bit, mostly helping monitor online buzz and offering advice on site visibility, social media, SEO, and geeky things like that. I spent some time with Ashley at New York Comic-Con in October and know she's super committed to this line and really wants it to be as authentic as possible, so if you have feedback (positive or negative) please continue to post it!

Me: Thanks! I love your work!

He was really, really nice to answer my questions. I wish I could congratulate him on The Jedi Path being one of the top sold books on Amazon!

I wish I could interview Dunc...but I have no idea what to say. 


PS. If I get over my shyness, maybe I'll become a journalist. Like Karen Traviss was. :) 


  1. I remember seeing your questions on Geekosity. Primo stuff.

  2. You can interview me. Ha! Just kidding....
    I understand about wanting to be famous. You aren't alone :)
    Thanks for posting your "interview" with Daniel Wallace. I like interviews. :P


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!