Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random SW Day

I've been reflecting.

When I was younger, I was kinda naive. So I offended lots of people without meaning to or knowing to. Also, I didn't brush my hair and wore the same clothes every day because I felt like it. I also wore glasses and braces. But then, I grew some self-assurance, underwent a major personality transplant, bought some nice clothes, started styling my hair, got my braces off, and got contacts. 
Some people that didn't like me when I was younger don't even recognize me now. So it's like I'm a new person.

Some inspiring conclusion should be drawn from this. 
But anyways......

Come to the light side! We have better cookies....and Carth Onasi! ~random HU signature that I love.

You know you're an EU fan if....

When asked by your family/friends who your favorite SW characters are, and you tell them "Myn and Kirney", they give you a strange look and ask you where they are in the movies. Then you give them the same look back.

When you watch a sporting event and wish you had Jedi Battle Meditation to help your team win.

If you've ever scared your sister into believing the Yuuzhan Vong will invade the earth in 2012 and destroy all the television sets in their vicinity.

When you refer to your car as a "land speeder"

"Look, are we gonna play Scattergories or not?" 

The Real Definition of Wedge Antilles

"Look at the size of that thing! Uhh....I’ve got, er, an engine failure here....yeah, that’s it. Oh, well, looks like I’d better pop off back to base for repairs. Ciao!" ―An example of Wedge’s heroic actions at the Battle of Yavin
Totally brave and courageous X-wing pilot who never gave up, no matter what the odds, not even if Darth Vader himself were chasing him. No, siree, Wedge was always dependable in the heat of battle! Also, he was definitely not offered a position with the Rebellion because his nephew was a famous Jedi Master. Wedge? He’s great! 

 Quotes. These are some of my favorites.
"On 2:21, we reported on the secession of the Bimkall sector from the Republic. Upon further review, that sector does not exist. HoloNet News apologizes for any confusion."
―Correction published in the 13:3:21 edition of HoloNet News[src]
Lost a planet, HoloNet has. How embarrassing.

"You think a little thing like death's gonna slow us down?"
Han Solo[src]

"If you whine long enough, someone will eventually hear you. If you keep whining after you're heard, someone will eventually shoot you."
I know TONS of ppl who this applies to!

Darpen: "I was once a pilot. Briefly. Tierfon Yellow Aces. My talents lay elsewhere, though, so I ended up in a less violent service."
Janson: "His talents certainly did lie elsewhere. They weren't in landing. Tomer here made the Aces' list for a landing almost horrible enough to kill him two different ways. His Y-wing was shot to pieces and his repulsorlifts were dead. Had to land, though, or he'd never get dinner. Luckily we were based on a low-grav moon at the time, big long stretch of duracrete serving as a landing zone. All the other Y-wings clear off the landing zone and he lines up on it, descends toward it like he was landing an atmospheric fighter without repulsorlifts. Drops his skids as he gets close. The skids take the initial impact but he bounces, so he's like some sort of hop-and-grab insect all down the duracrete. But he's lucky enough that he stays top side up. Finally he's bled off a lot of momentum, but he loses control and his Y-wing rolls. Comes to a stop on its belly and he's safe. Then his ejector seat malfunctions and shoots him off toward space. With grav that low, he achieves escape velocity. We had to send a rescue shuttle up after him or he'd still be sailing through the void, one cold cadaver."
Darpen: "I saved the astromech. And the Y-wing was repairable."
Janson: "Sure. But seeing you as that wishbone skidded to a stop, seeing you sag in relief—and then, poof! you're headed toward the stars—"
Darpen: "As you can see, I've provided amusement for years."
Tomer "Ejector" Darpen and Wes Janson explain Darpen's nickname to Wedge Antilles[src]
Not the worst landing I've seen, nonetheless. If you can walk afterward, then the landing was good.
Long story, though.

Luke: "Your emotions betray you."
Ben: "Your emotions wander around short-sheeting beds and putting everyone's hands in bowls of warm water."
Luke: "Would you please stop saying things like that?"
Ben: "Sorry. I just got tired of hearing the same old phrases, the same old way, year after year. I think that's why Master Yoda mangled his Basic for the archival recordings. After nine hundred years, he was sick of hearing the same old things the same old way. Use the same cliché phrases too long and people stop hearing their message, you know?"
Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker[src]
My emotions unscrew the lids on salt shakers

Irenez: "I think I'm insulted. That has to be the oldest trick on the list."
Han Solo: "I didn't have time to come up with any new ones."
Han Solo, captured by Irenez on New Cov[src]

Valorum: "You saved my life. I can never repay you for what you have done, but if there is ever anything you want of me you need only ask."
Johun: "There is one thing. Hire yourself a kriffing security team."―Jedi Knight Johun Othone, to former Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum[src]


"The weak will always be victims. That is the way of the universe. The strong take what they want, and the weak suffer at their hands. That is their fate; it is inevitable. Only the strong survive, because only the strong deserve to."
Darth Bane[src]
       Bane philosophy. Ack.
 Aaand we'll end on that note.




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