Monday, December 13, 2010


Prepare for a super long post.  And then I have to go work on my two-day overdue essay.

UPDATE: My mom said my skin would be pale, if I would wear my sunblock. Hmm.

Legoland from a Star Wars fan's point of view(We should have a official name for Star Wars fans. Like Star Trek fans are called Trekkies. Anyways..)


The first thing we did is sign up for Mindstorms. Mindstorms is a special kind of Legos that involves robotics and programming.

Oh, and when I saw this kid, I instantly thought "young Wedge Antilles." Am I crazy?

I couldn't take pictures of the good rides because they didn't want you to have your camera in case you'd lose it. One of them had a "No Photography" sign. I wanted to take a picture of it.

And I went on a big roller coaster for the first time. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. This week.

By far, Miniland USA is the main attraction of Legoland. What is it? A ride? A scary roller coaster? No, it's America, in Legos:

EVERYTHING except for the little bonsai trees and moss grass-is Lego. Even the cars. And some of the cars and trucks moved.
This is just the Las Vegas part.
And this was in no way quiet. There were little people that walked around, music playing. There was a wedding where a Lego bride and groom walked to a limo playing wedding music.
They had a big Mardi Gras parade in the New Orleans part. It was really big.
There was so much stuff! All the detail...amazing! That ladder is a real ladder(some of it wasn't finished), just to give you an idea of how big everything was.
D.C. My favorite.
Those little soldiers walk and dance and play music.

In one of the city corners, just to give you an idea of the mind-blowing detail.

 Aaannd a bunch of elves drumming on garbage cans.

Like I said, most of the rides didn't allow photography. Let's see what I got on my camera here....

This is a ride where you can steer your own boat.

But look what I found at the gift store!

Being completely unlearned in the early-on EU, when I saw this:
I was very excited and happy, in a Jaina/Jag way.

 My brothers informed me this was a figure of this Jag, not this Jag.

Come on, Lego. Get with the EU already. 

And it was $15 for three magnets, so I didn't buy the set. 


Hey-on a related note about HU, I saw the forum posts. I actually admire amy_geek's moderating skills, although she does seem to get there a little late. It's good that she got there before any flaming broke out, though.
I think you guys were very professional in your manner, and that's good, because the important thing to remember is how you respond to the people.


  1. Wooooah! That's mind-blowing detail! Oh and go check out my blog post!

  2. I.......want to go to Legoland. I could spend ALL day in the Miniland USA part. That ROCKS!

  3. Wow, just wow. That is absolutely amazing and Plo Kool. Wow.....


  4. Good post! Sounds fun! All those little LEGO villages are so cute!

    Actually, the only reason Amy_Geek did that on the forums is because I complained about it. She probably wouldn't have done anything if I hadn't PMed her. She does nothing on those forums basically. No moderation at all there. Or hardly any, that is.

    -Leia <3

  5. Oh My goodness, that looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!! Haha, young Wedge Antilles, no you aren't crazy, the way he wore his jacket made it even more convincing. The Legoland USA looks like fun, I could probably spend a whole day there!!!
    About Forums, thanks, yeah, I tried to be respectful and not lose my cool. *I said "tried"* Amy_Geek sometimes does a good job, but I'm not sure if she did or didn't moderate some of it on her own. Leia, I'm glad you PMed her because I was about to!!

  6. Yeah Veags, Baby!! :) Its so funny seeing the MGM three feet tall...

    but you for got the best part, Amaranthine: the 99% lego statues of Darth Vader and Artoo!! Absolutely amazing... I'll put a picture up on my blog.


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!